Dark Planet

Will You Be a Part of a New World Order?

Something is coming…

Do you feel it?

No, it isn’t end-times or a zombie apocalypse….

It is a spiritual evolution – a divine uprising.

Mankind, as a whole, is beginning to acknowledge its true nature as Self.

It is a time for all human be-ings to come to the knowing that they are in control of their destinies, that they have the power to fulfill their greatest desires, and at the same time satisfy the needs of the world.

But to do this… we must humble ourselves, we must see all as ourselves.

All this is occurring right now in this current ascended age.

Those who are ascended or actively ascending sense the change everywhere.

And the advancement of the body, mind, and spirit is necessary for complete this evolutionary metamorphosis.

This ascended age began in the mid to late 1800’s and has spread to all corners of the globe.

This awareness has been trickling into the minds of everyone, but few use it to their full potential.

Everyone from celebrities to big businesses and spiritual veterans to new age neophytes are even beginning to use its power to transform the way we perceive our world.

You, your loved ones, and friends, are beginning to feel the shift… that change that is upon us.

We can either get out of the way or allow it to envelop us and ultimately transform us.

If you are one of these individuals that feels the shift, then there is so much more in store for you!

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With Much Love,

Dr. Derek

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