Helping Hands

Today and Tomorrow: I Need Your Help

This blog is the beginning of something great… I just know it.

But I will need your help to continue create even more beauty than what is being presented here.

I need for you to come to this blog every time something is posted, read it, comment on it, and attempt to support my writing in any way you can.

If that means sharing the post on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or another blog, then please do so!

If you agree with it, then comment on it.   If you don’t agree, comment on it.  I want my writing to be the very best it can be and it can only get to that point with your encouragement, constructive criticism, and honesty.

Today is a first day for me to declare an official change in my profession….

Although I started early in life as a musician and then became a dual-doctorate physician, at the end I realized that I AM A WRITER!  Through and through!

I will always be a vocal/instrumental musician and physician, but the desire to be a non-fictional/fictional writer,  centered around science, metaphysics, and spirituality has been buried deep for too long!

I have a new opportunity today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life to do what (I believe) the Divine has chosen for me.

Ultimately, I feel unbelievably grateful to have been directed to publish a great magnitude of spiritual work.

This work is to bring enlightenment and scientific self-realization to the modern man.

Humankind can and will experience the absolute joy-bliss-love of the Divine through the information provided on this blog site and the future publications coming through my publishing company Ascended Books.

I hope you enjoy the many works that come out of this blog, as my heart and soul have been poured into every nook and cranny.

Be well and I will be speaking with you soon!

Dr. Derek