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The Meek and the Strong: 3 Spiritual Laws for Fast Success

The world is evolving at an incredible rate.

How do you keep up with it?

Do you let life past you by while the wealthy take over the world and big business clouds our judgment on the reality of things?  Or…

Can the meek really inherit the earth?

The physical laws of evolution have shown us time and time again that the strongest of the pack shall be king and reign supreme, while those that can’t keep up fall by the way side.

However, have no fear!

Spiritual laws have been set in place, so that you may receive what you truly deserve.  This ascended age is the time for all be-ings to stand up for their innate, spiritual right to be happy, to be free, and to be successful in all things

Below are three spiritual laws that have been set in place by the Divine. This is to allow every individual to achieve their highest dreams without abusing the universal system.

Law of Karma

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
~Sir Isaac Newton

Although science has proved this through the physical laws of thermodynamics, the Divine has allowed its creation to experience positive or negative consequences based upon its actions.

If you perform a negative action, then a negative result will occur. This is also the same for a positive action – one that will always produce positive results.

Generally there are two different classifications of karma:

  • Past Life
  • Present Life

Past Life – This is accumulated positive and negative results gained from past actions in other lives.  Whether it be on Earth or some other planet, it does not matter.  All creation by the Divine has the same laws, regardless of where you physically are in the universe.

Present Life – These are actions taken in this present life. They may act on us either in this life or in the next.

Most of the time when people speak about karma, they use it in the present sense. If something bad and injurious occurs to someone, people will nonchalantly say it is karma, but these actions, depending upon the severity can future life consequences.

To quote the Bible, Jesus says in the book of Matthew 7:12:

“… do to others what you would have them to do to you…”

In the same way, one ancient Sanskrit text, The Mahabharata Anusasana Parva 113.8 says:

“Do not to others what you do not wish done to yourself…”

Many of major belief systems of the world have this “Golden Rule” as a part of their ancient spiritual texts. This shows the seriousness of this simple spiritual law.

If you do commit negative acts against yourself and others (sins), then you will have to atone for these actions to prevent their negative consequences from acting upon your life.  In my new book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, and future blog posts I will cover how you will make spiritual amends.

Law of Attraction

This spiritual law says that what you think and feel have great consequences on your life.

These consequences could be good or bad, but ultimately occur even if you aren’t acutely aware that you are thinking or feeling.


  • To THINK – Thoughts are things and do create your reality.
  • To FEEL – Feelings in association with the thoughts give great power to the physical creation of your thoughts. The more at peace you are, the better your attraction will be, and thus the better the results.

If you think a thought, no matter how good it is, and there is negative emotion associated with it, the attraction will be negative.

Good Thought + Bad Emotion = Bad Result

If you think a thought, no matter how bad it is, and you immediately have peace about it, then no negative consequence will occur.

Bad Thought + Good Emotion = Neutral Result

These concepts have been described in great detail by Esther and Jerry Hicks in the book, “The Law of Attraction,” although this law has been around since the beginning of time.

In this way, the Law of Attraction is powerful and will modulate how the Law of Karma acts upon you.

Law of Ascendance

This spiritual law describes how you can evolve to higher levels of consciousness.

It has been lost to the world for many millennia, but it is being discussed at great lengths in my new book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization.

Those who are meditating or are actively improving to become ascended use their morning meditation, time of silence, or period of reflection to maintain a particular consciousness throughout the day.

By doing so, their evening period of prayer or meditation will become greatly accelerated, allowing them to achieve a greater level of awareness.

Why would anyone want a greater level of awareness?

Have you ever had a moment of perfect peace?

Of perfect happiness?

Of perfect bliss?

I have.

Through a great level of awareness, comes the realization that we are not the body, but in fact the soul.  Because of this, peace and bliss can be felt more frequently even during your working hours.

I have strived for these perfect moments all my life using the first two spiritual laws described above. However, I could never achieve it completely, easily, automatically, and perfectly without understanding the third spiritual law.

With the Law of Ascendance, as mentioned in my book Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization I describe how you can achieve exactly what I have gained… AND how to measure it.

What if you could summon peace, happiness, or bliss at any time?  Would you like that? Would you like to calm the stormy waters of emotional turmoil at will?

Well… it is now available for you and everyone else who is a part of this ascended age.

These three laws are given as a gift to allow you, whether meek or strong to succeed in a world that is seemingly governed by capitalism, cut-throat corporations, and survival-of-the-fittest mentality.

This ascended age is for you!  Don’t let it pass you by!

Ask yourself these questions throughout the week:

Law of Karma

  • What can I start to do that will help me gain better karma, so that I can live this life and any future life in the Divine’s abundance?
  • Could I begin to:
    • Perform volunteer service in my community in my free time?
    • Create better thoughts and emotions that lead to better actions?
    • Be kinder and more thoughtful in every area of my life?

Law of Attraction

  • What are the most common thoughts that I have day in and day out?
  • Are these thoughts negative or positive?
  • What are the feelings attached to these thoughts?

Law of Ascendance

  • Are my thoughts and feelings allowing me to express myself wholly and fully?
  • Are my thoughts and feelings a true representation of where my consciousness dwells?
  • Could I begin to:
    • Pray for others?
    • Meditate?
    • Create a time for silence morning and evening?

Stay tuned week after week for new material and tools that can help you succeed in this ascended age.

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