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The Divine Superconscious Experience

The Divine Superconscious Experience.

The absolute best spiritual experience you could have in the universe!

Now that’s saying a lot!

Humans and other spiritual beings like us in the universe have been given a great gift.  We have the divine opportunity to become consciously self-realized while still in a physical body.  It may not seem like much, but this is EVERY individual’s ultimate goal.  The fact that you are given a choice, means that you are most highly evolved being in the universe!

It doesn’t mean that it is easy to live on Earth.  In fact, you are living on the most difficult planet to become self-realized.  So pat yourself on the back, because if you are on the path to self-realization and are currently on Earth, it means that you have done some great work in many past lives to get back to this point.

This time you are in participating in a great spiritual revolution.  The world is beginning to acknowledge the smaller self as the Largest Self. I spoke about this in my first couple of blogs.

During this current era, so many individuals will burn their karma and become ascended in some form.  Their elevated states will contribute to the mass burning of karma in the world. This will in turn activate the spiritual states of others more easily.

For those who are meant to become self-realized, they will first have to go through initiation into the Divine Superconscious Experience. This experience is the firsthand look at the Divine SPIRIT in its own superconscious state.

Before, you were able to experience superconsciousness as a state of being just above baseline consciousness. This allowed you to go deep into meditation, manifest stillness more easily, and use the intuitive mind to govern your decision-making.

The Divine Superconscious Experience (DSCE) is literally the highest level you could ever achieve as it combines all aspects of reality into one experience.  This includes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics.

Your physical reality will become entwined and enraptured into the superconscious mind of the Divine.  This initiation will open your body’s chakras, energy meridians, and body particles to the Divine’s pure light.

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What an experience it is!

The first time it happened to me, I was laying on back, just relaxing and performing some yoga nidra.  This is referred to as “yogic sleep” for some and considered a state of consciousness, but for me it is meditating while lying on my back with intense concentration towards the third eye.

For my own initial experience in the DSCE, I meditated for 3 hours then went really deep in meditation while on my back. I began to sink slower and slower into a still state.  Suddenly all the
air was sucked out of my lungs and my whole body just sunk into the bed. At that instant I left my body while experiencing an intense vortex of colors, lights, and emotions. Everything flashed around at me at an incredible rate!  So fast that I didn’t know or understand what was happening until I opened my eyes able to move consciously again.

When I came to more “permanent” consciousness, I had such an incredible amount of joy, that I literally laughed out loud upon opening my eyes.

I don’t know if you have ever heartily laughed upon immediately waking up, but this has never happened to me and frankly, at the moment, I knew exactly what had happened… I had reached self-realization!  Finally!

After I jumped up out of my bed with joyous laughter, my physical body felt enormously different. My arms and limbs felt like jello. I felt soooo relaxed!  In that moment I also felt extremely affectionate and wanted to kiss my wife like crazy.  The energy the Divine gave me was so intense that I just wanted to give it away!

The Divine’s love is so intense that giving it away is sometimes the only option when it is given.  This is because real love and real joy is infinitely large and infinitely abundant. In that moment, you will have become a pure channel for God’s love.

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The DSCE is also referred to as turiya samadhi or the infinite unconscious state.  This is because you will generally be unconscious when you achieve it and is infinitely present and available at all times

It has a determinable amount of states and can be experienced at different times in your lifetime.   Most of the time people experience this state while sleeping!  Surprising, I know!

In this way, sleep is the best time to connect with the Divine.  Everyone has this connection every night they fall asleep or even sometimes during a nap.  This is the reason why sleep is so recharging because our soul (little self) is connecting to SPIRIT (Highest Self).

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Now sometimes our sleep may be interrupted, but ultimately we maintain some connection to the Divine presence.  The better we feel in the morning, the more time we had in plugged-in to the Divine.

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Through the experience of the DSCE, I felt like my life goal had finally been achieved, but when I desperately pleaded with God to let me back into that state, I soon realized it was almost impossible to achieve on my own.  This is because I had only become partially self-realized.

This first experience is only the beginning to a greater journey.  The Divine had so much in store for me. I had to experience each state in its own intricacy, so that I could explain it more thoroughly to the world.  This is my life path… to become fully self-realized and then continue on the work of other yogic masters.

Remember that having this experience isn’t about the experience itself.  It is about what you can do after you have received God’s light.

  • Will you be able to heal others at will with a mere touch?
  • Will you be able to compose a beautiful song that will inspire millions?
  • With a look and a word, will you be able to give someone peace of mind?

This is what to look forward to… what can this experience do for the world.

Also don’t expect for numerous experiences and don’t focus upon them.  Instead focus on how you can do the will of the Divine.

The joy of the light you will receive is the very best that can be given. It is greatest gift to ever be received.

Cultivate it and don’t waste it!

In the next blog post, I will talk about the greatest minor samadhi, Savikalpa samadhi.  In this state will you will discover the real meaning of stillness.

Until next time!

Dr. Derek



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