The State of Superconsciousness.

This is the level of consciousness (LOC) that exists above everyday baseline consciousness.

Some great masters such as Vivekananda, in his book Raja Yoga, have exclaimed it be the high level samadhi that is associated with true self-realization.

However… it is MORE than that.

Superconsciousness is a state of being that exists as a LOC, achievable by any human being still bound by karma and desires, but it is also a massive category of consciousness.  This means that Superconsciousness is an idea or larger umbrella category hanging over all other levels above consciousness.

Below is a diagram describing this concept.

Categories of Consciousness Part 1

Categories of Consciousness Part 2

This is why Vivekananda, a great master of self-realization and others like him, claimed it to be of the highest levels.  AND… that it can also be achieved by the modern man.

Think of the Superconsciousness LOC as the beginning of rising above baseline consciousness.  As you begin to ascend in realization, attuning to higher and higher levels, your own LOC will begin to take on the truer state of superconsciousness as samadhi.

Now, samadhi doesn’t happen overnight and neither does achieving a baseline superconscious state, BUT there is hope!

This is because Superconsciousness can be measured and visually perceived!

Now the numerical measurement for Superconsciousness is between
106000 to 10100,000,000.

It may be difficult to understand how big these numbers really are, so I will leave it up to the 2nd ebook to explain it to you more completely and thoroughly.

You will also know if you are in superconsciousness because you will be able to perceive the spiritual eye in its grandeur. It looks like this:

Third eye, 3rd Eye, Spiritual Eye

Usually perception of the spiritual eye won’t occur until the highest levels of the baseline superconscious LOC, but if you do see it sooner, it is quite a blessing and sure sign of your entrance into this glorified state!

If it can be seen at any time, in any fullness, then you may have become a permanent resident of the LOC Superconsciousness.

As time goes on and you begin to perfect your muscle testing, testing for your LOC will become very easy and highly accurate while in a deep state of meditation.  Testing while not in meditation will be less accurate because a pure intuitive mind is gained while being immersed in superconsciousness.

Sounds like you need to start meditating right now, right?

Well, if you have been doing this meditation thing for a long time and still haven’t achieved a viewing of spiritual eye, then you may be doing it wrong.

The question is then:

Can I really meditate incorrectly?

The more accurate response is:

There is no wrong path, just one that helps you to ascend the quickest.

The quickest is the one that has been tested over and over again scientifically to derive the same result.  This is generally done through meditation derived from yoga and the techniques that are associated.

If you would like to read more about superconsciousness and meditation, then check out my new ebook, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part II: The Ascension.

In the next post, I will elaborate further on how to get started meditating today. In this ascended age, meditation is the key to permanent transcendence.  It is the airplane route to self-realization.

Can’t wait to share it with you!


Dr. Derek