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Self-Realization for All!

What awaits you at the end of this life?  Do you truly know?

You may throw guesses around based upon your faith or beliefs, but you can never absolutely discern the truth, can you?

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These are the types of answers that can be answered in my first ebook, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I: The Science.

By becoming realized you can absolutely know, without a doubt, what surprises are to be expected.

By going deep within the Self, you will tear away old versions of yourself to discover the wellspring of intuitive wisdom the soul provides.

Another question for you…

What is the purpose of your life?

Is it to accumulate more and more things, so that we can feel kingly of our pile of stuff?  Or maybe this “stuff” isn’t so physical… maybe it is both mental and emotional as well?

At the end of a very materially-minded life, all you have are the things you’ve collected and the physical/mental/emotional baggage gained through trial and tribulation.

And then, when you are at the end of your life, having to let it all go with no real value gained, really makes you wonder how life should have been lived.

Wouldn’t it be better to:

  • be humble
  • be at peace
  • share joy
  • give love
  • be loved

Aren’t these the “things” you should be collecting so that your gain is both spiritual and truly heavenly?  So that when we enter our final stages of living, death is only another opportunity to live more completely?

How can you live peacefully, devotedly share peace, and spread love?

Through the process of self-realization of course!

This is the aha-moment-lightbulb-flashing-inside-of-your-head saying that I am not the body… I am SPIRIT!

So what is SPIRIT again?!?

In one of my last blogs I talked about the nature of reality.  Read more if you want an in-depth overview. Otherwise to summarize the above thought:

  • SPIRIT = God without desire to create
  • Creator = God with desire to create
  • God creates out of itself creation
  • SPIRIT = All creation in its purest essence
  • The Self or Higher Self = The soul + God as Creator
  • Thus… The Self = SPIRIT
  • The Realization of the Self = The realization that all is SPIRIT and SPIRIT is all.

It does not get much simpler than that.  However, there are many steps to climb before you can reach such lofty peaks. Your body must undergo intense spiritual training before you can realize yourself as the SPIRIT that underlies all created and un-created things.

Self-realization will lead you to a place of both knowing and unknowing.  It allows you to muster such great faith, enabling you to accomplish anything you desire.

Self-realization allows you to walk through fire, navigate incredible waters, and give love even when love is unjustified. These are the great teachings of the masters of self-realization.

As love is the highest calling of SPIRIT, to have love, to give love, and thus receive love is the highest commandment you can receive.  In this way, self-realization satisfies your deepest wish.

Through self-realization comes the reception of the Divine’s pure light.  It descends into your upper chakras (swirls of bodily energy) from the top of the head and the third eye.  It courses through the body bulb to illuminate it with such ferocity, that your body becomes a true source of purity and virtue

This is what you have to look forward to – pure, unadulterated, peace-love-joy-harmony-bliss all at once, at any time, for any reason.

So the questions you ask yourself now is:

  • Where is it??
  • When can I get it?!
  • Can it come right now?!!

These are the exact same questions I had when I first began ascending in consciousness along the path of enlightenment.

I wanted it to come all at once, but realized that in the process of gaining self-realization, there was infinitely more to come… other than my first minute of electrifying, God-joy-producing, bliss consciousness.

This is also what you have to look forward to as well.  The everlasting love of God. Love that can be received when you want it.

Your body was meant to be an instrument of the Divine.  In this way, your body can receive peace, joy, realization at a moment’s notice and turned off just as quickly.

How far are you willing to go to receive the Divine’s greatest gift?

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In the next few blog posts we will be talking about the science of meditation and yoga and how it is the keystone to achieving self-realization.

Without the techniques given by great yogic masters, your ascension to self-realization would be severely handicapped and limited

Stay tuned for future posts!