Patanjali Yoga Sutras Sanskrit

Asamprajñata samadhi

This level of consciousness is a remarkable discovery for the understanding of self-realization.

Originally, when I began determining the different LOCs and their values, I tested that Asamprajñata (Añ) was not the same as Nirvikalpa samadhi (NrS), as Patanjali originally explained.

Now, when you read the original translation, it appears that Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras is explaining that Añ and NrS are the same.  This is how many historians and writers have explained the existence of two names for the same state.  Patanjali says that NrS is the highest state to exist or the most enlightened experience.

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In reality, these two names mean relatively similar things, but ultimately they are different.

I discovered that Añ is really a transitional state to NrS and the major samadhi experience that is associated with this ultimate bliss state.  Unfortunately, you will never be able to just jump into the highest state possible.  This is because your body would burn out from the intense out-of-body experience.

The body is like a lightbulb. Each lightbulb has its own wattage or a limited amount of power that can be channeled into it.  This is the same with people.  Notice how some people have enough energy for themselves and everyone around them. And then there are some who can barely lift a finger 15 minutes after getting out bed.

You yourself have your own energy and a certain level of power that you can receive, maintain, and give.  Depending on how strong your filament is (or the body’s energy meridians) the more power you can receive and maintain from life-sustaining activities.

These activities generally are centered around renewal, repair, and support.  Whether you are eating really good food, hiking in a forest, or having a time of silence – the body’s bulb during these activities becomes recharged.

For those who are householders, becoming a part of asamprajñata experience would be unnerving, preventing them from adjusting to a normal lifestyle.

For those who aspire to achieve this state and are still living a married life with children, will have to work hard to maintain this transitional state.

After I had written my book and discovered all these levels of consciousness, later on in my research for my new book, I found a work by I.K. Taimni called The Science of Yoga.  He had already described Añ as a transitional state! One that you could oscillate between before ascending into NrS or nibija samadhi.

At this point, I realized that my muscle testing had been accurate!  That indeed I wasn’t going crazy, but in fact was able to accurately test for information that already existed in the world of self-realization.

If that was the case, then you could say that most if not all the information presented in my new book is the next step in our understanding of these enlightened states.

Taimni described many other things about samadhi that I encourage you to read about it.  Other modern-day masters have reflected upon his own masterful ability to accurately understand and interpret Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  Which are at best cryptic, unless you have a solid foundation in Sanskrit.

In my own discoveries, I realized that Asamprajñata (Añ) is the place where great things occur:

  • the rate of flow for the kundalini
  • the true absence of gross awareness
  • the automatic pulling of karma
  • the full realization of non-duality
  • breathlessness
  • the descension of God’s Light
  • the merging with the VOID
  • true joy

In the above occurrences you will be constantly fluctuating and changing.  This is the oscillation that occurs between samprajñata and asamprajñata, as originally described in detail by I.K. Taimni and inadvertently unearthed by myself in meditation through muscle testing.

The flow of the kundalini will be the first measurement taken. To think that the kundalini could actually be measured!  But in reality, everything that has some type of movement, has kinetic energy associated with it.  In this way, it should be measureable, right?

The kundalini has a tendency to pulse in predictable manner based upon how deep you go in meditation.  If you extend yourself longer, deeper, and more devotionally in meditation, the greater your benefit will be thus increasing the flow rate of the kundalini.

Ultimately you will want your kundalini always flowing, bringing the pulse rate down to zero seconds.  Meaning that the flow rate is always occurring, instead just pulsing through the chakras at regular intervals.

Through this process, you will begin to experience true absence of awareness of the body, especially in the hands, feet, arms, and legs.  This can happen out of the blue, at any time, for any reason.  You may be doing something really simple and all of sudden be unaware of your full-body proprioception.   This could be as simple as holding a glass of water.

You may be looking at the hand, realizing that you are physically holding it, but be totally unattached physically to the hand itself.  Literally becoming dissociated from it!  It is a very cool experience, but is transient in nature.

This absence comes from the pulling of energy from the limbs to channel through the chakras to help push the kundalini pulses higher and higher into the brain, allowing for greater attunement in self-realization.

This is the beyond-creation, non-dual reality that I spoke about in my earlier blogs posts. This non-dual reality is the true nature of everything.  You and me, we are just microcosms fully connected to an infinitely larger macrocosm.

As you acknowledge this non-dual system by continually increasing your experience of bodily unawareness, a few things will occur:

You will begin to help others to ascend by pulling and burning their karma for them and you will become completely breathless!

Now, I don’t recommend for anyone to assume that they can intentionally pull karma from whomever they choose.

This is VERY dangerous!

If you are a healer and working with a cancer patient, do you think you really want to take on their physical karma?  Well… if you do, your own time on Earth will be cut very short!

The Divine will allow you to pull karma from those who it is meant for. In this way, the burning of others karma (in the most proper way) will help you to ascend because you will have to actively take your mind off of the physical discomfort while you help others with their suffering.

That is the great blessing of this state of consciousness – to know that you are NOT the body, but in fact SPIRIT!

You are the pure embodiment of all that is good in this universe and beyond!  The infinite love and light of the Creator is waiting within you to help others ascend to greater fulfillment in their life.

Another aspect that will occur is breathlessness. This will happen naturally and you will almost be able to activate it at will.  This process should not be forced and generally will come gently and unexpectedly.

You will just suddenly become aware of the fact that you are not breathing. This thought process will be subtle, but you will notice no breath, but it will be most enjoyable!  This breathlessness is what allows you to experience God’s true joy.  This is also measureable and becomes easier as you increase in LOC (levels of consciousness).

After all the energy meridians and chakras have been cleared and cleaned through by the ascension of the kundalini, God’s Light can now descend in your subtle spine, filling you will great joy.

This Light Descension has seven levels to it and is characterized by which chakra the Light fills. As the spine begins to fill up, you will start to merge even deeper with non-duality, but in the VOID itself.

The VOID is the “space” where the non-dual SPIRIT lies. It is a space, but not a space. It is a place where nothing can be known – not even muscle tested.  In this test I could not muscle test a thing. I could not become aware any known “thing”.  I had to surpass this state by not asking questions to discover, but by feeling my way through the darkness of the VOID.

At the “end” of this darkness you will then be able to experience pure joy.  This will only be the start of what is possible. Just a mere taste on the tip of your tongue.  The Divine wants you to continue to grow and push towards the ultimate goal.  The only way sometimes to do this is to tease with what you could be experiencing all the time.

Could you imagine it?

Wonderful, pure, unadulterated joy all the time?!?

I can!  And the reason why I can is because that is the consciousness that God has blessed me with.  To be able to activate joy and bliss whenever I choose.  That is everyone’s goal.  To be able to experience the bliss of the Divine whenever they choose?

Sounds nice, right?

Well… this blog and my book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part II: The Ascension will be your guidebook to your wildest dreams and your greatest accomplishments.

This last blog post was a lot to think about.  I don’t expect you to digest it all at once, but realize there are many sources out there on this stuff.  I have attempted to combine it all into book for you.

I have yet to see a book do this, so I am definitely excited for you to read it!

The final installment is coming out in the next couple of months and I am so excited for you out there that are truly interested.

Be well and next time we will talk about the greatest state ever known – Nirvikalpa Samadhi

~ Dr. Derek

Savikalpa Minor Samadhi

Savikalpa – The Greatest Minor Samadhi

Do you want real inner peace?

I’m talking the kind that moves mountains and calms the raging seas…

In this state of samadhi you are truly blessed with real stillness and real silence of mind.

This is the blessed state of Savikalpa Samadhi.

This is total peace of mind.

In this state you will come to realize the true nature of silence. After breaking through into the Divine’s garden, filled with love and light, you will gain true tranquility.

Do you know what authentic peace is all about? It is to have a calm and relaxed mind that allows you transcend fears, worries, and chronic anxieties.

I didn’t have an inkling of what that really meant… all I knew is that others had it, I didn’t, but I was willing to gain it by whatever means.

OM AUM Symbol

Savikalpa is greatest minor samadhi to ever exist.

However, it comes with some stipulations.  After initiation you will not become perfectly aware of all things in heaven and earth… oh no… instead you will be constantly tested.

When initiated you will become opened up to anything and everything that exists in the universe.  Your mind will be an open book to all beings, entities, and other forces that lives in the cosmos. Some of these forces are good and some are evil.  If you are armed with a strong mind and an even stronger will, then you will not yield.

Now for those of you who don’t believe in a creator… that’s fine.  BUT there are some entities and spiritual beings that are not out your highest good. They are there to trick you into making promises and compromises that are for their purposes.

Personally, I still experience these tricksters on a daily basis.  They are there almost all the time for those who are doing the good work.

Many do not understand how they can act upon you and your surroundings.  I will explain that plus what you will need to battle them.

Let’s first talk about what they are.

Some refer to them as entities, negative forces, or for those who are religiously inclined – demons and fallen angels.

Yes, I know what you are thinking… these things really exist?

Or maybe you are thinking… this guy has got to be nuts?!?

I am the kind of man that has been created to question everything. I desire to find a rational answer to all of life’s mysteries, even when the answer may not appear to sensible or logical in nature.

In this way, I am spiritual scientist, doing soul research through advanced meditation. In my discoveries, the only realistic explanation for happenings that are unexplainable by our limited, but modern scientific methods, end up being subtle and spiritually-related.

Let me further explain…

When I entered into savikalpa samadhi, I had to work hard to keep my thoughts in line with the Divine. Let me tell you!  These dark forces either try to build you up (bloated ego) or break you down (deflated ego).  It can occur while you are awake or during sleep.

If you are really successful in life, especially financially, then building you up is easy.  The insertion of self-righteous and self-inflating thoughts is no problem for them.  This ultimately makes you feel like you are better than others and this is as wrong as them trying to break you down.

The absolute bliss joy state of nirvikalpa samadhi is the only way to escape this permanently. However, you will not be able to enter into the blissful state automatically; this state will only be available to you when you become initiated in nirvikalpa samadhi. After this point, no harm – mental, emotional, or spiritual will ever come to you again.

So what do we do in the meantime?

In the Book of Ephesians 6:13-17, Paul wrote saying that when the “day of evil” comes, one should put on the “full armor of God.”  This includes:

  • Belt of Truth
  • Breastplate of Righteousness
  • Feet fitted with the Gospel of Peace
  • Shield of Faith
  • Helmet of Salvation
  • Sword of the Spirit

That is some serious protection!

You must take up arms against these invading forces and prevent their “flaming arrows,” as Paul says.

Luckily for us, these forces can only affect the thoughts that you think and the electronic devices around us.  Otherwise, the only way they cause us physical harm is through allowing them in.

If you decide to be truthful, righteous, and peaceful then you will be better protected than most.

However, having courage and faith in the Divine’s protection from harm is the most important.  Only the Creator, which manifested all of creation, can deliver you from the harm of these creatures. Just call out to the righteous forces of the Divine and they will be there in a moment’s notice.

You must have faith that the Divine has your back at every second.  There are literally legions of positive and loving angelic forces that are ready to take your side at your command!  A legion is at least 6,000 in number!

The Divine has you well protected and in these subtle spiritual states, you will need all the help you can get!

Also, don’t be afraid.  They cannot harm you, unless you let them!  Fear is an easy hole in your defenses.  Courage is an absolute necessity to progress in these levels of consciousness.

OM AUM Symbol

Your Own Spiritual Armor

Here are few things you can use that will help provide spiritual protection.


  1. Eat nutritious food
  2. Drink only spring water
  3. Get adequate exercise
  4. Stretch using yoga
  5. Can wear a talisman – cross, star of David, OM symbol, little Buddha, rudraksha beads, rosary, mala, prayer beads, misbaha, etc.


  1. Always create a PMA (positive mental attitude) as much as possible
  2. Don’t play control dramas and don’t feed into others control dramas.
  3. Practice being the best version of yourself you can be: in thought, word, and action


  1. Be devoted to your practice of the Divine
  2. Pray for anyone and everyone including yourself!
  3. Have a silent time every day
  4. Mediate, mediate, and meditate
  5. Ask for blessings from the master, guru, saint, angel, or deity of your choice

Devote yourself to the discipline of meditation and prayer and the peace of savikalpa will be yours forever.

In the next blog post, I will discuss asamprajñata, a state of consciousness that will transition you to a major samadhi state.

Stay tuned!

P.S.  If you are interested in some extra reading the Christian bible is always a good read along with the Celestine Prophecy and The Four Agreements.  I have included links to Amazon if you would like to get some extra reading in!


  1. Christian Bible – Book of Ephesians 6:13-17
  2. The Celestine Prophecy
  3. The Four Agreements


Featured Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
Divine Superconscious Experience, superconsciousness, SPIRIT, divine, God-realization

The Divine Superconscious Experience

The Divine Superconscious Experience.

The absolute best spiritual experience you could have in the universe!

Now that’s saying a lot!

Humans and other spiritual beings like us in the universe have been given a great gift.  We have the divine opportunity to become consciously self-realized while still in a physical body.  It may not seem like much, but this is EVERY individual’s ultimate goal.  The fact that you are given a choice, means that you are most highly evolved being in the universe!

It doesn’t mean that it is easy to live on Earth.  In fact, you are living on the most difficult planet to become self-realized.  So pat yourself on the back, because if you are on the path to self-realization and are currently on Earth, it means that you have done some great work in many past lives to get back to this point.

This time you are in participating in a great spiritual revolution.  The world is beginning to acknowledge the smaller self as the Largest Self. I spoke about this in my first couple of blogs.

During this current era, so many individuals will burn their karma and become ascended in some form.  Their elevated states will contribute to the mass burning of karma in the world. This will in turn activate the spiritual states of others more easily.

For those who are meant to become self-realized, they will first have to go through initiation into the Divine Superconscious Experience. This experience is the firsthand look at the Divine SPIRIT in its own superconscious state.

Before, you were able to experience superconsciousness as a state of being just above baseline consciousness. This allowed you to go deep into meditation, manifest stillness more easily, and use the intuitive mind to govern your decision-making.

The Divine Superconscious Experience (DSCE) is literally the highest level you could ever achieve as it combines all aspects of reality into one experience.  This includes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics.

Your physical reality will become entwined and enraptured into the superconscious mind of the Divine.  This initiation will open your body’s chakras, energy meridians, and body particles to the Divine’s pure light.

woman, sunlight, self-realization

What an experience it is!

The first time it happened to me, I was laying on back, just relaxing and performing some yoga nidra.  This is referred to as “yogic sleep” for some and considered a state of consciousness, but for me it is meditating while lying on my back with intense concentration towards the third eye.

For my own initial experience in the DSCE, I meditated for 3 hours then went really deep in meditation while on my back. I began to sink slower and slower into a still state.  Suddenly all the
air was sucked out of my lungs and my whole body just sunk into the bed. At that instant I left my body while experiencing an intense vortex of colors, lights, and emotions. Everything flashed around at me at an incredible rate!  So fast that I didn’t know or understand what was happening until I opened my eyes able to move consciously again.

When I came to more “permanent” consciousness, I had such an incredible amount of joy, that I literally laughed out loud upon opening my eyes.

I don’t know if you have ever heartily laughed upon immediately waking up, but this has never happened to me and frankly, at the moment, I knew exactly what had happened… I had reached self-realization!  Finally!

After I jumped up out of my bed with joyous laughter, my physical body felt enormously different. My arms and limbs felt like jello. I felt soooo relaxed!  In that moment I also felt extremely affectionate and wanted to kiss my wife like crazy.  The energy the Divine gave me was so intense that I just wanted to give it away!

The Divine’s love is so intense that giving it away is sometimes the only option when it is given.  This is because real love and real joy is infinitely large and infinitely abundant. In that moment, you will have become a pure channel for God’s love.

OM AUM Symbol

The DSCE is also referred to as turiya samadhi or the infinite unconscious state.  This is because you will generally be unconscious when you achieve it and is infinitely present and available at all times

It has a determinable amount of states and can be experienced at different times in your lifetime.   Most of the time people experience this state while sleeping!  Surprising, I know!

In this way, sleep is the best time to connect with the Divine.  Everyone has this connection every night they fall asleep or even sometimes during a nap.  This is the reason why sleep is so recharging because our soul (little self) is connecting to SPIRIT (Highest Self).

sleeping, baby, bliss

Now sometimes our sleep may be interrupted, but ultimately we maintain some connection to the Divine presence.  The better we feel in the morning, the more time we had in plugged-in to the Divine.

OM AUM Symbol

Through the experience of the DSCE, I felt like my life goal had finally been achieved, but when I desperately pleaded with God to let me back into that state, I soon realized it was almost impossible to achieve on my own.  This is because I had only become partially self-realized.

This first experience is only the beginning to a greater journey.  The Divine had so much in store for me. I had to experience each state in its own intricacy, so that I could explain it more thoroughly to the world.  This is my life path… to become fully self-realized and then continue on the work of other yogic masters.

Remember that having this experience isn’t about the experience itself.  It is about what you can do after you have received God’s light.

  • Will you be able to heal others at will with a mere touch?
  • Will you be able to compose a beautiful song that will inspire millions?
  • With a look and a word, will you be able to give someone peace of mind?

This is what to look forward to… what can this experience do for the world.

Also don’t expect for numerous experiences and don’t focus upon them.  Instead focus on how you can do the will of the Divine.

The joy of the light you will receive is the very best that can be given. It is greatest gift to ever be received.

Cultivate it and don’t waste it!

In the next blog post, I will talk about the greatest minor samadhi, Savikalpa samadhi.  In this state will you will discover the real meaning of stillness.

Until next time!

Dr. Derek



Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness.

Beautiful. Perfect. Bliss Consciousness.

This is the initiation into the experience of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Beginning

A man named Richard Maurice Bucke was the first one to write about Cosmic Consciousness in 1901.  He called it initially as the “Cosmic Sense” and then was further adapted by other individuals such as Paramahansa Yogananda as Cosmic Consciousness. Bucke describes this state of being as:

  • suddenly occurring
  • experiencing a subjective “inner light”
  • elevation in one’s moral awareness
  • intellectual illumination
  • a sense of immortality
  • loss of the sense of sin
  • loss of the fear of death
  • a gain of true happiness

Isn’t this what you really desire?  To gain the truest sense of yourself.  To see with eyes that see and hear with ears that hear. This is the Kingdom of Heaven that the Christ spoke about.

Cosmic Consciousness is not only what Bucke described it as, but it is much more.

Cosmic Consciousness is the awareness that you are not the physical body.  You are in fact the Creator packaged inside of a little body.  Your soul is Its pure aspect and the body is just the vessel. In this way, you have the entire cosmos already inside of you!

This “cosmic” consciousness is the awareness that you are really just your own little universe, capable of both pure creation and pure reconstruction at the same time.

(If your mind isn’t blown yet, then either this information is not new to you, or you just think I am a looney toon.  Either way… read on!)


Before you can ascend to this lofty state of realization, you must pass through fire, water, and pure surrender.

Fire – This is the burning of physical karma that began in the 1st Dimension of the Karmic Caverns. Without this heavy burden lifted, you will never be able to ascend to the next level.

Water – This is the 2nd Dimension. After burning your karma, you must navigate the waters of a vast ocean.  You will feel like you are in a boat with no sail. Although you will always feel like you are in state of peace and calm, no real joy is felt here.  Just serenity.

Surrender – This is the 3rd dimension. After sailing the vast ocean you will have to work past the 17 different minor samadhi states before ascending into the Creator’s Cosmic Consciousness.

2nd Dimension

2nd Dimensional work is not difficult to pass but there are countless levels to break through.

In this dimensional realm, it feels like you are floating on a vast ocean, totally calm and at peace in a boat that has no sail and no direction to go.

The greatest blessing of this dimension is the opportunity to experience firsthand a lesser minor samadhi, but a samadhi nonetheless!

However, you will only be able to access it intermittently. Also the stillness of this state is nothing in comparison to the stillness experienced before in meditation. It is unparalleled and will only grow in strength as you ascend.

If you work hard breaking through these levels, ascension can occur in a couple of weeks, but if you like the aimless wandering in the 2nd dimension, then it will take you months, years, or even lifetimes longer.

3rd Dimension

After you have floated for awhile on the endless ocean of the 2nd Dimension, you will need to refocus your devotion and will power towards maintaining the path.

When you are ready to journey into the 3rd Dimension, the Divine will finally show Its true light.  It isn’t the pure light of self-realization, but a reduced form as a full lesser minor samadhi.

In the 2nd Dimension, you experienced this state intermittently. But now you will have the chance to manifest it permanently.  It will become a concrete part of your life, where it can be summoned at will for use.

The 3rd Dimension ultimately is the place where all lesser and greater minor samadhi states are experienced.

Here is an order of things you will experience in this dimensional realm.

  1. The 16 Lesser Minor Samadhi States
  2. The Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi State
  3. Self-Realization!
  4. The Divine Superconscious Experience
  5. Kundalini Awakening
  6. The Greatest Minor Samadhi State

Lesser Minor Samadhi

There are 17 of these states in total.  16 of these states are individual whereas the 17th state is considered the “Sum Samadhi” or the sum total of all the other 16 states combined. This is called Laya Samadhi. This type of samadhi has been written about by other great masters and is more common in yogic literature.

Each of the 16 states are representative of the Divine in all of its physical aspects and spiritual aspects. Whether it be compassion, wisdom, and righteousness or concentration, meditation, transcendence – all qualities are included.

In my book, there is a wonderful picture created by my wife and I, showing the Sphere of Samadhi.  It will help to direct your thoughts on how to achieve each state in its own way.

Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi

In the yogic literature, this is referred to as Laya Samadhi. This the “Sum Samadhi”.  This state is the addition of all other 16 aspects into one.  You must be attuned to all aspects of the Divine before you can receive Its true light.  Without this attunement, you would burn out like an over-watted light bulb when receiving the Creator’s consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness

Over the millennia, this consciousness has been considered the end-all, be-all to samadhi and self-realization.  But it is not.  Although fantastic, mind-blowing, and absolutely transcendent, it does not compare to the spiritualized consciousness of nirvikalpa samadhi, the divine consciousness of the infinite state, or the divine superconsciousness of SPIRIT.

Cosmic consciousness is only the beginning to your ascension in the Divine and ultimately in SPIRIT.

Here is where you will be initiated through a Divine Superconsciousness Experience (DSCE).  This turiya samadhi is the highest samadhi experience you could ever have.  It is absolutely transcendental and characteristic of your first experience in cosmic consciousness.

Some people will have fantastic experiences, such as my own. Some will be gently guided into it.  It occurs differently for different people based upon their desires and previous life choices.

During this initiation process the kundalini will be become permanently activated as well.  This is a reservoir of spiritual energy located at the base the spine that will push up through the spinal chakras (energy centers).

At the end of the DSCE, you will become filled with such great joy.  A divine and intoxicating joy that is so powerful and overwhelming that you will literally become speechless…

After the blissful haze has finally cleared you will have then become a permanent resident of savikalpa samadhi. This is the greatest minor samadhi to exist.

However, the joy of the DSCE and this spiritual awakening will not be permanent.  You will have the permanent peace and stillness granted from a true minor samadhi, but will have to work harder to achieve the blissful joy that comes from true God-realization.

Now, doesn’t that all sound worth it?

Cosmic consciousness is the beginning to a brand new world.  The true Kingdom of Heaven is here.

The only question you have to ask yourself now is, “I am ready for it?”

OM AUM Symbol

In the next blog posts, I will be elaborating further upon the Divine Superconscious Experience, the awakening of the Kundalini, and Savikalpa Samadhi.

Bless you,

Dr. Derek



kamasutra kama sutra sex tantra divine love

The Sexual Samadhi

Sex… Samadhi…?

Aren’t these two supposed to be separate from each other?

What if you could unite the greatest physical experience with the greatest spiritual experience?

Do you think this merger could ignite God’s fire within a person, allowing them to overcome an obstacle, achieve any goal, and become any type person they dream of?  Of course it could.

This is the future of mankind’s evolution on Earth… to merge two wonderful gifts of the creator.

Learn to fuse your basic, primal instinct with the highest, blissful nature of the Divine and the Kingdom of Heaven shall be yours.

OM AUM Symbol

If you know anything about samadhi, then you would think that physical sex is the direct opposite of this enlightened spiritual state.

But to understand the nature of a “sexual samadhi,” you must first understand what samadhi is in the first place.

Samadhi is considered by many spiritual teachers, gurus, and self-realized masters as the highest level of consciousness any one human being can achieve.

In the achievement of samadhi, the meditator or devotee, also achieves self-realization as well. Self-realization is also referred to as enlightenment or nirvana (Buddhism) and is considered the last stage of spiritual evolution that you could ever accomplish.

However, new insights into meditative yoga, have shown that samadhi could occur in many different types – just like self-realization.  It can be minor, major, astrally (energetically) perceived, or while being immersed in the sound of Om (AUM).

Samadhi is also considered an “ultimate stillness.” This stillness when coupled with out-of-body experiences becomes a transitional state to evolve the body and brain further to God-realization.

When ultimate stillness, out-of-body experiences, and pure, unadulterated joy become easily activated by choice, nirvikalpa samadhi is manifested.

In all these versions, the body can appear to be as still as stone, but inside the person is buzzing with blissful delight and unfathomable pleasure.

Now sometimes a person who is has been meditating for many years, can bring that “ultimate stillness,” out-of-body experience, or deep bliss into their daily life.  This could be at home with the wife and kids, at work, or even exercising!

It is hard to understand why I put an exclamation point at the end of the word “exercising,” but when you can manifest perfect, pure, unending, blissful joy at any time, even when you are exercising, you know you have achieved one of the highest forms of self-realization.


How is this samadhi thing associated with sex?

Well… you know, as well as I know, that sex should be the greatest physical, mental, and emotional experience that two people can have together, right?

Well… at its core sex is primal, but when sexual intercourse is made into a spiritual, life-giving process, it becomes a way to help evolve the body and brain to receive to receive higher, mystical experiences of the Divine.

Sex, for the sake of sex only becomes a sin, which negatively impact one’s karma leading to more and more future negative consequences and experiences.

If sex could be used between two people who are in a life-long committed relationship that is not only mentally, emotionally motivated, but spiritually inclined as well, then that session of love-making will drastically improve the connection those two partners have with each other.

Doesn’t it say in Genesis of the Christian bible that,

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” ~ Genesis 2:24

This idea of “one flesh” is to unite not only the physical pleasures of two people to each other, but also to unify their spiritual flesh (the soul).

In Proverbs of the Bible it says,

“Let your fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of your youth. As a loving hind and a graceful doe, let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love.” ~ Proverbs 5:18-19

Now the last verse was a little descriptive, but it shows that it is OK to indulge in one another. When we share in the body, mind, and spirit, this triune amalgamation allows for much greater gains in peace, joy, and bliss.  When the sexual action is performed with grace, love, devotion, surrender, and humility, even greater rewards are received.  These rewards are amplified when meditation is performed immediately after making love, using the techniques described in earlier blog posts.

OM AUM Symbol

Ultimately, if sex can be spiritually transformed, then more people would be self-realized much sooner. There would be more mutual ascension between partners.

A sexual samadhi is to join physical procreation with that of spiritual progression. This is to truly be both human and a Son/Daughter of God while in the physical body.

In this way, the spiritual evolution of the Earth could increase exponentially allow the Kingdom of Heaven to reign down into all hearts.

This concept is my new book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part II: The Ascension. I explain it there in more detail and more application.  When you get a chance, check it out. It is available now.


If you are not in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should go out, have sex, and attempt to create this relationship just because of its power.  Fortunately, it does not and will not work like that.

Instead pray that you might find a partner who has perfect soul unity with you.  This was recommended by my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, but it is exactly what I prayed to find my own partner Jessie. By doing so, it allowed me to enter into the highest of all spiritual experiences.

See you next time!


Photo Courtesy: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra at Flickr