Overlapping Galaxies

Muscle Testing

Here is where science and spirituality butt heads…

For the first time in recorded human history a diagnostic/neurological test has been used to determine a spiritual outcome.

True integration is occurring between points of logical rationality and a possible emotional outcome. Essentially an objective test (muscle testing) is used to gain an objective response (strength or weakness) about a subjective medium (self-realization).

Muscle testing is being used as a gateway to discover the answers the intuitive mind provides. Muscle testing is a practice ground for unearthing your true potential.

This is how it began for me. I learned how to test a muscle… properly.

Next, I learned how to perform other types of offshoot muscle testing. Then I learned how to self-test with my own muscles. Finally, I discovered how to use my intuitive processes to answer the questions muscle testing would normally provide.

With intuitive testing, I could purely test my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies without moving a muscle and still gain an objective answer – one that is at least ~95% correct when all conditions are met.

Isn’t this something you would like to learn?

I mean… who wouldn’t want to gain access to a limitless realm of wisdom and an infinite dimension of possibilities?

I think “duh” here is the appropriate response.

Now for a little history on muscle testing.

Muscle-testing began with two physical therapists in the early 20th century.

When a chiropractic physician in 1964, named George Goodheart, got his hands on muscle testing, he took it to the next level.  He integrated it with multiple medical systems such as acupuncture and oriental medicine, osteopathic manipulation, and nutritional biochemistry.  He called in Applied Kinesiology.

Just imagine, you find one weak muscle and there are at least 5-10 possibilities to help that individual. It could be physically, nutritionally, emotionally, mentally, chemically, and/or spiritually. Dr. Goodheart literally created a way to gain access to the body’s innate healing capacity and be as specific as a laser hitting a target.

Doesn’t everyone want a fine-tuned treatment?  Of course!

In medical school, as a chiropractor and a naturopath, I was also able to receive the best and most specific treatments for my body with the practice of applied kinesiology.  This resulted in my ability to ascend in realization more quickly.

Muscle-testing isn’t just to discover where your level of consciousness (LOC) is currently, but also helps as a precursor to eliminate barriers to your spiritual ascension.

Muscle-testing can be used for all kinds of things, however, you must be taught appropriately how to self-test.  Learning accuracy in self-testing is almost absolutely essential, if you expect to ascend on your own without the help of a qualified muscle-tester.

Don’t expect that you will be able to muscle test winning lottery numbers or which horse to bet on… because it really doesn’t work like that.

BUT, there is hope for those who desire to ascend and reach their highest potential.  Ascension is for those who truly want to improve.  The Divine will not provide the help unless you truly desire it and you are working for the highest good of others.

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In the future, I may do a webinar on how to muscle-test for the beginner.  Then eventually work towards a webinar on self-testing. If anyone is interested in this possibility, please leave a comment, so that I can start working diligently towards that goal.

Thanks and be blessed friends!

Stay tuned for the next blog post on the Levels of Consciousness.  I will give you a complete list of the levels that will be included with a diagram to match!  See you then!