Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness.

Beautiful. Perfect. Bliss Consciousness.

This is the initiation into the experience of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Beginning

A man named Richard Maurice Bucke was the first one to write about Cosmic Consciousness in 1901.  He called it initially as the “Cosmic Sense” and then was further adapted by other individuals such as Paramahansa Yogananda as Cosmic Consciousness. Bucke describes this state of being as:

  • suddenly occurring
  • experiencing a subjective “inner light”
  • elevation in one’s moral awareness
  • intellectual illumination
  • a sense of immortality
  • loss of the sense of sin
  • loss of the fear of death
  • a gain of true happiness

Isn’t this what you really desire?  To gain the truest sense of yourself.  To see with eyes that see and hear with ears that hear. This is the Kingdom of Heaven that the Christ spoke about.

Cosmic Consciousness is not only what Bucke described it as, but it is much more.

Cosmic Consciousness is the awareness that you are not the physical body.  You are in fact the Creator packaged inside of a little body.  Your soul is Its pure aspect and the body is just the vessel. In this way, you have the entire cosmos already inside of you!

This “cosmic” consciousness is the awareness that you are really just your own little universe, capable of both pure creation and pure reconstruction at the same time.

(If your mind isn’t blown yet, then either this information is not new to you, or you just think I am a looney toon.  Either way… read on!)


Before you can ascend to this lofty state of realization, you must pass through fire, water, and pure surrender.

Fire – This is the burning of physical karma that began in the 1st Dimension of the Karmic Caverns. Without this heavy burden lifted, you will never be able to ascend to the next level.

Water – This is the 2nd Dimension. After burning your karma, you must navigate the waters of a vast ocean.  You will feel like you are in a boat with no sail. Although you will always feel like you are in state of peace and calm, no real joy is felt here.  Just serenity.

Surrender – This is the 3rd dimension. After sailing the vast ocean you will have to work past the 17 different minor samadhi states before ascending into the Creator’s Cosmic Consciousness.

2nd Dimension

2nd Dimensional work is not difficult to pass but there are countless levels to break through.

In this dimensional realm, it feels like you are floating on a vast ocean, totally calm and at peace in a boat that has no sail and no direction to go.

The greatest blessing of this dimension is the opportunity to experience firsthand a lesser minor samadhi, but a samadhi nonetheless!

However, you will only be able to access it intermittently. Also the stillness of this state is nothing in comparison to the stillness experienced before in meditation. It is unparalleled and will only grow in strength as you ascend.

If you work hard breaking through these levels, ascension can occur in a couple of weeks, but if you like the aimless wandering in the 2nd dimension, then it will take you months, years, or even lifetimes longer.

3rd Dimension

After you have floated for awhile on the endless ocean of the 2nd Dimension, you will need to refocus your devotion and will power towards maintaining the path.

When you are ready to journey into the 3rd Dimension, the Divine will finally show Its true light.  It isn’t the pure light of self-realization, but a reduced form as a full lesser minor samadhi.

In the 2nd Dimension, you experienced this state intermittently. But now you will have the chance to manifest it permanently.  It will become a concrete part of your life, where it can be summoned at will for use.

The 3rd Dimension ultimately is the place where all lesser and greater minor samadhi states are experienced.

Here is an order of things you will experience in this dimensional realm.

  1. The 16 Lesser Minor Samadhi States
  2. The Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi State
  3. Self-Realization!
  4. The Divine Superconscious Experience
  5. Kundalini Awakening
  6. The Greatest Minor Samadhi State

Lesser Minor Samadhi

There are 17 of these states in total.  16 of these states are individual whereas the 17th state is considered the “Sum Samadhi” or the sum total of all the other 16 states combined. This is called Laya Samadhi. This type of samadhi has been written about by other great masters and is more common in yogic literature.

Each of the 16 states are representative of the Divine in all of its physical aspects and spiritual aspects. Whether it be compassion, wisdom, and righteousness or concentration, meditation, transcendence – all qualities are included.

In my book, there is a wonderful picture created by my wife and I, showing the Sphere of Samadhi.  It will help to direct your thoughts on how to achieve each state in its own way.

Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi

In the yogic literature, this is referred to as Laya Samadhi. This the “Sum Samadhi”.  This state is the addition of all other 16 aspects into one.  You must be attuned to all aspects of the Divine before you can receive Its true light.  Without this attunement, you would burn out like an over-watted light bulb when receiving the Creator’s consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness

Over the millennia, this consciousness has been considered the end-all, be-all to samadhi and self-realization.  But it is not.  Although fantastic, mind-blowing, and absolutely transcendent, it does not compare to the spiritualized consciousness of nirvikalpa samadhi, the divine consciousness of the infinite state, or the divine superconsciousness of SPIRIT.

Cosmic consciousness is only the beginning to your ascension in the Divine and ultimately in SPIRIT.

Here is where you will be initiated through a Divine Superconsciousness Experience (DSCE).  This turiya samadhi is the highest samadhi experience you could ever have.  It is absolutely transcendental and characteristic of your first experience in cosmic consciousness.

Some people will have fantastic experiences, such as my own. Some will be gently guided into it.  It occurs differently for different people based upon their desires and previous life choices.

During this initiation process the kundalini will be become permanently activated as well.  This is a reservoir of spiritual energy located at the base the spine that will push up through the spinal chakras (energy centers).

At the end of the DSCE, you will become filled with such great joy.  A divine and intoxicating joy that is so powerful and overwhelming that you will literally become speechless…

After the blissful haze has finally cleared you will have then become a permanent resident of savikalpa samadhi. This is the greatest minor samadhi to exist.

However, the joy of the DSCE and this spiritual awakening will not be permanent.  You will have the permanent peace and stillness granted from a true minor samadhi, but will have to work harder to achieve the blissful joy that comes from true God-realization.

Now, doesn’t that all sound worth it?

Cosmic consciousness is the beginning to a brand new world.  The true Kingdom of Heaven is here.

The only question you have to ask yourself now is, “I am ready for it?”

OM AUM Symbol

In the next blog posts, I will be elaborating further upon the Divine Superconscious Experience, the awakening of the Kundalini, and Savikalpa Samadhi.

Bless you,

Dr. Derek