Nirvikalpa Samadhi – How Your Wildest Dreams Come True!

This level of consciousness (LOC) is considered the end all be all.

This is the blissful state where you can transcend time and space with just a mere thought.

It is the place where all your wildest dreams really do come true…


Well… there are SOME stipulations you SHOULD be aware of… but we will get to that!

According to most theologians and philosophers, self-realization is characterized by nirvikalpa samadhi (NrS). But NrS is really more than just the realization of the self, it is the purest realization of God.

Nirvikalpa is not self-realization, but God-realization!

So… what’s the difference???


In self-realization you come to the awareness that the self is really a part of the greater whole.  But you don’t just experience it, you literally become it.

Some believe that it arrives when you simply realize that you are not the physical body.

Some believe you are “self-realized” after having an out-of-body experience or entering into a samadhi-like state.

This is also wrong.

Self-realization is entry into savikalpa samadhi through a divine superconscious experience.  During this process the kundalini becomes activated and true stillness is gained in the greatest minor samadhi.

However, this is PARTIAL self-realization.  There are different steps you must take before entering into the fullest version of self-realization called God-realization.

Self-realization is really a generalized category for any LOC you have achieved at savikalpa samadhi and up.  Once you achieve nirvikalpa samadhi, true God-realization begins.

So… then what is God-realization?


You will realize God.

It really is that simple, but let’s first define it.

Well, in self-realization, you come to know the your “self” as a greater part of the whole. In God-realization, the whole no longer becomes relevant.  This is because of the nature of non-duality [see this blog post].

Duality is the existence of physical, subtle, and ideational material. While non-duality is the existence of non-existence.

All of us have created something before. These creations – whether painting, woodworking, or drawing come from some base materials. Take a canvas, paints, and paintbrushes and a beautiful Mona Lisa masterpiece can suddenly arrive. This is the same as what our Creator did for us. The Divine created a world for us, so that we could have the fullest experience of creation.

But… this Creator knew it couldn’t just create plants and animals.  It had to create a pure version of Itself in creation. Otherwise, the Creator couldn’t experience Itself within that creation. This is what you are, a smaller version of that pure Higher Self.

This is your purpose on this Earth as a human – to realize yourself as the Higher Self in the larger form of God.  Since God is beyond and outside of any created thing, it is non-dual and thus is non-existent.  Well, sort of.

This is a difficult concept to get, but to realize yourself as God is to realize that nothing truly exists. This non-existence is non-duality – which is outside the nature of dualistic opposites.

Only time itself gives us the perception that everything has a physical form and changes with “forward” progression. This form is anything felt, seen, heard, tasted, or smelled.

Over time, a person born brand new in the world eventually gets old and wrinkly; only to pass on becoming dust again.  This is the nature of the duality which seemingly rules the world we live in.

Becoming God-realized, (thus a part of a non-dual existence) you will break the rules of this physical world, transcend time and space, and realize the following:

  • The physical body can be manipulated by your will as you see fit
  • Everything is just God manifested into physical, mental, and emotional “stuff”
  • Nothing is ever truly in opposition to another
  • Nothing ever really changes
  • The Nothingness is what gives rise to Everything

Because of God-realization, masters have shown us many signs and wonders to prove to us the true nature of reality.

  • Jesus the Christ and his many miracles with feeding the five thousand, turning water into wine, and healing the terminally ill by mere touch and word
  • Theresa of Avila was known to levitate and disappear/reappear at will and spontaneously by God’s will
  • Therese Neumann having the power of inedia ate only a Catholic wafer every Thursday for at least thirty years in a row with no other food or water and survived with both life and vigor.
  • Lahiri Mahasaya created two bodies for himself, could levitate, and heal anyone he chose by mere word
  • There have also been many yogis, saints, and other modern-day avatars who have achieved God-realization to show many miraculous powers and miracles.
  • Some of these masters have just been supremely blissful and this blissful path has been chosen for you as well.

OM AUM Symbol

God-realization is really whatever you make of it.  What do you really desire?  It is to float on air without wings or live without food?  Or maybe you just want the infinite peace and joy that can never be broken; not even for a moment.

This was my desire – to be joyful all the time.  As a child, I struggled hard with depression and thought that I would never rid myself of my mental and emotional obsessions. After I found my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, I soon found out there was a better path. Within four short years I had achieved nirvikalpa samadhi and much more!

This type of God-realized joy-bliss-awesomeness is for everyone.  It is not just for the masters of old, but for you as well.

When reaching this state, don’t expect great powers to suddenly be yours.  What is characteristic of this state is infinite joy-bliss. So much so, that walking around is difficult! Anything else sought after would be foolish. This is because bliss is the truest reality of SPIRIT.

OM AUM Symbol

Self-realization and ultimately God-realization is really very simple. Many individuals who are intellectual about the whole process, don’t really understand it at all.

God doesn’t care about how smart you are, He doesn’t care how much money you donate, and He doesn’t care how many friends you have either. He cares how much you love and what you do as a result of this love. That might sound harsh but think of it this way:

  • If you can intellectually talk about God, but don’t have the wisdom to know when to speak about God, how does it benefit His creation?
  • If you give a lot of money to an organization, which ultimately uses it for evil, what positive purpose has it truly served?
  • If you claim to have many friends, but very few of them are true friends, then what is the benefit of friendship?

Love is the highest way to be and you must be both loving and humble in all ways to achieve God’s highest realizations. Through this love (and humility), great gifts are given.  Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself.  That is the true trinity of love that we often forget about.

If you can love God and everyone else as much as you love yourself, then you will reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

As for nirvikalpa, the ability to access unending love and bliss at any time is truly powerful and will transcend any conflicting moments in our life.  It will give you the drive and purpose you need to be the best version of yourself.  With this energy you will conquer hate, anger, frustration, self-doubt, and fear.

Some individuals will be given great powers as a result of their entry into nirvikalpa. You might be able to heal someone by mere touch or even with a word. To have absolute command over your words is the mark of a true master, but these gifts are not given easily.

You must be the purest representation of humility, kindness, compassion, and love to receive such wonderful powers. Some yogis may work for decades achieving these yogic siddhis. For the average workingman and woman this may not be possible with the constant day-to-day activities that have to be endured.

I, myself, have been given some gifts, but my only true desire was to have the unending joy of the Divine. This is exactly what I have received and if I can do more, it is because the Divine has a special purpose in allowing me access to greater yogic power.  It is not things I seek on my own, but I do realize that by seeking and merging with the Divine, that this body shall eventually reach the highest state possible.

Om and Astral Samadhis

Also while in nirvikalpa, you will have the opportunity to experience an Om/Aum samadhi and an Astral samadhi.

Om Samadhi

The Om samadhi takes advantage of the sound you hear in deep meditation – the resonant, deep, rumbling of a waterfall with the vastness of a never-ending ocean.  This is the sound of Om.

You might hear this sound at lower levels of consciousness, but it is merely a reduced version called “Om minor samadhi.” When you hear Om, overwhelmed with bliss in nirvikalpa samadhi, it will transform your being attuning you permanently to its creation vibration, bringing you to God-realization.

In the Christian scripture, Acts 2:1-4, it says:

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance.

Although most Christian theologians would interpret this passage being associated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit after the Jesus’s ascension, I associate this passage with:

  • Hearing the sound of OM – “…suddenly there came from heaven a noise…”
  • The activation of the Kundalini energy – “And there appeared to them tongues as of fire…”
  • The onset of self-realization – “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit…”

Which, in fact, these are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s if you believe the Holy Spirit can also gift you the realization of Divine’s consciousness.

Ultimately, Om is to attune your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to receive God’s highest gift as love-joy-bliss.

Astral Samadhi

The Astral samadhi usually comes second in this pairing, because so many individuals are visually oriented.  To see the subtle universe that lies beyond the physical world is at best, difficult!  To hear the subtle realms is easier, because most of the time your eyes will be closed during meditation.

The Astral samadhi to most will come at the physically-measured end of nirvikalpa samadhi.  (After reading the book and learning accurate muscle testing, this will make much more sense.)

This is also because the deeper the bliss, the more occupied your brain will be on bliss.  When the brain is preoccupied with bliss consciousness, all that you will think about is bliss.

You will most likely stare off into space, being immersed in such fantastic sensations, because nothing else will appear to matter.  In these moments with eyes open, you will probably experience an astral samadhi.  You won’t realize it of course because real God-bliss, at first, is so overwhelming that you will totter around like a drunkard. This is because you won’t understand how to keep the bliss, while physically moving around. Also because physically moving around may prevent the bliss from manifesting in the deepest way.

For myself, I can keep the deepest state of bliss, even while I am in the office with clients and patients. As long as they don’t ask me too many questions, I can usually maintain it.  However, if I converse more with the client, then I often will lose bits and pieces of the deepest part of the bliss consciousness.

Ultimately, having pure nirvikalpa bliss will make you less functional in the “real” world.  If you live a busy life, it will be difficult to achieve this state.  You will need to time to sit, relax, and silence the body as much as possible. It can be done in the standing position, but seated is best.

I will say that some days, I don’t experience any deep bliss and some days it is so profound I get lost!  Most of the time it is moderated by keeping constant attention towards the third eye and practicing other yogic positions to keep the energy away from the lower body.

So… here’s the deal… do you like being happy?

Do you like the idea of being blissful at any time, for any reason, under any circumstances?  Sounds idealistic, right?  Well it is to some degree, but those who are dedicated and determined they will reach their goal.

But what is the goal?  Is it just nirvikalpa alone?  Or is there something more?

In the next blog post we will talk about the highest form of samadhi.  It is even higher than nirvikalpa, but more natural and spontaneous.

Stay tuned friends, we are still on our way to the top!

~ Dr. Derek


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Sin karma World

A Sin-Free World

A Sin-Free World.

A Karma-Free World.

A True Utopia…

Call me idealistic, but I think it’s possible!  AND… with the ability to measure where your consciousness lies through muscle testing, you will go deeper in your own spiritual practice, gaining true ascension in your journey.

Everyone sins.  No one is truly perfect.  Everyone, at one point or another, will go against themselves in some way causing a negative result.

There have been some masters and avatars over the millennia that others have claimed to be perfect who caused great and positive change in the world.

These individuals were a pure benefit to the Earth.  This includes Bhagavan the Krishna, Jesus the Christ, The Buddha, and Mahavatar Babaji.  There have been others, but these few have been written about most extensively.

In the context of yoga:

  • sin = bad karma
  • virtue = good karma

Sins are generally spoken about in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  Buddhism and Hinduism use “karma” as their word to generally describe the past and present transgressions against themselves as the Higher Self or God.

In this blog post, I will talk about primarily about how karma or sin affects our lives directly. But I will also give you the keys to your own eternal salvation, breaking the chains permanently, and preventing future and seemingly random negative consequences from occurring.

OM AUM Symbol

Everyone has bad karma no matter how big or small and we all have to do work to spiritually cleanse ourselves of the our past and present wrong-doings.

However, many people on the earth have accumulated a great deal of positive karma, leading to positive predisposition and reinforcement, propelling them to do the good work – the work of the Divine.

This may be you. You feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Always trying to save others from themselves, but always forgetting about yourself.

Well… I am here to tell you, that you have both good and bad karma in you. You have noticed this, haven’t you?

The good karma was gained through your good works, meditation and prayer on the Divine, right living, and a good positive mental attitude in BOTH this life and every other one you have ever lived.

This contributes to your ability to live the life you are currently living and to produce a more fruitful life in the future.

Your negative karma was from lying, cheating, stealing, abusing your body, saying unkind words, and most importantly, the thoughts you think!

Every repetitious action, no matter how good or bad, big or small, will accelerate the attractive process, leading towards a physical consequence in your world – whether good or bad.

Do you ever notice… that no matter how hard you work at something; someone else beats you to the punch or you end up falling short?

Or maybe some things come very easily to you.  Maybe you are extremely lucky, always have the right words to say, or can attract whatever money you need, when you need it.

We all have these predispositions, whether positive or negative, and they can either benefit or harm us. Some will propel you forward into great situations allowing you to succeed easily or some will provide challenge until breakdown.

The bottom line is… karma affects us all.

Past and present sin affects us all.

But what if you could live in a sin-free, karma-free world?  What would that look like?

Would it be a true utopian society, one where there is no danger, no violence, perfect kindness and understanding with unspoiled abundance for all?

Or would it be a place where people, no longer bound by their astrological tendencies, pursue a course of action, lifestyle, or career that truly serves them and the society around them?

I think the latter is more accurate.  The only true utopia is within. The real Kingdom of Heaven is cultivated within you by standing the test of time through trial and tribulation. Through this, karmic burn occurs.

As society progresses during this century and the next millennium, the spiritual consciousness of the entire world will increase monumentally.

You will begin to understand your true role in the world. This is to manifested individually the Divine nature; to experience Itself just for the sake of the experience.

The karma and sins we have collected need to be worked off, but only because we as the Divine (all of creation) want to get back to perfection.

This perfection is ultimately the burning of all our past garbage, baggage, and misdeeds.

Well, how do we do this?

I have provided a list of things, mentioned before in previous blog posts, but decided to collect it here for you in one easy place.


  1. Donate more of your time serving your family
  2. Donate more of your time serving your work and community
  3. Donate more of your time serving the less fortunate
  4. Donate more of your money towards serving your family, church, local community, and/or world community


  1. Set a time every morning and every evening where you just sit, pray, and meditate
  2. Find time in the middle of the day to just sit in silence
  3. Practice listening to your thoughts and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones
  4. Perform a pranayama breath-control technique like the Kriya


  1. Asking the Divine to help you perform Its will
  2. Have the courage to do think, say, act, and do the work you know is right

Good Works

In the Book of James of the Christian scripture, service is spoken as the greatest “work” that can be done in the name of the Divine.  In this case, the first four points are about “donating” your time or money towards a cause that is best suited for your situation.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then start donating your time first towards your family.  Then begin to branch out to those who are not within your immediate circle of family and close friends.  This includes co-workers and local community.

The next step would be to branch out to the global community. This could be done through doing work at your favorite church or spiritual community.  As these groups usually have events and other opportunities where you can donate your time to build, make, or organize something to help a group farmers or artisans from other parts of the world.

Silence is Key

For the next four points, silence is key no matter where you live and or what you do.  Silence is the way you will connect to the divine in your everyday life.  God can speak to us through the music of a church band, but more often and more completely through the silence and prayer after such intense devotion and worship.  This is the true time of communion.

Silence can occur in all kinds of forms.  If you are like me and you work in an environment where music is always playing, then you will need some sort of silence to break you away from “reality”.

In the morning and evening are best, because you can start and begin your day with true solitude.  Just you and the Creator.  During the day is more difficult, but it generally works better on a lunch break.

Also practice watching your thoughts. This is very crucial to burning karma because what you think, is what you become. In the silence, is where your greatest desires and greatest fears come to life. If you think negativity, then all you will attract is negative.  In this case, with negative thought processes, you will only attract more negative opportunities to create negative consequences. Positive, loving, joyful thoughts create the opposite.

Ultimately the fastest way to reach the highest peaks of self-realization is to practice a karma/sin-burning, breath-control, pranayama technique like the Kriya. I learned it through my guru’s organization, Self-Realization Fellowship.  But there are many groups out there that practice the kriya where you could learn it.  In the silence after performance of the kriya, many wonderful things can occur, but only with your dedication, can it be done.

Just let it all go

At the end of all this hard work, you might feel like a lot will happen all at once, allowing you to sky-rocket to self-realization without any struggle.  Believe me when I say that it does not work this way!

The only way that you can truly burn your karma and reach your goal is through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual release. You MUST be able to fully release your cares and worries to the Divine.  Without this surrender, the path is more arduous.  Will-power alone cannot help you.

So… in summary this is what you will need:

  • Hard work through will-power and determination
  • Silence through meditation, prayer, and yogic technique
  • Surrender to that which is higher than yourself

You don’t necessarily need to believe in a “god” to burn karma and become self-realized, but you do have to realize that this world is not random and that there is a purposeful drive behind the creation of the world.

Whether you are Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Jewish, or Islamic doesn’t matter.  It only matters where you are heart is.

Divine Blessings to you who embark on this path. I am here to help you guide, if you would like to comment, or you can send me an email at:


OM AUM Symbol

In the next blog post I will talk about Cosmic Consciousness.  Stay tuned because true self-realization lies here.


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Jesus Christ

Are We God?

What a statement to make!  What does that mean exactly??

When the question is asked, “Are We God?,” most of the time people go absolutely crazy and have already developed an opinion.

Opinions have a tendency to be very subjective and emotionally-based, so we are going to explain this question with different types of reasoning.  I will use both scientific and theological reasoning to bridge the gap between science-minded and religiously-minded people.

This is because BOTH ways of thinking are correct in their own way.

Now, an attempt at a cohesive explanation.

Read more