The Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness.

This is the Divine’s true love manifested as human. This is perfection manifested in physical form.  This is the soul expressing its perfect love through the medium of the body.

Once you can connect your soul to all of the Divine’s creation, feeling each living thing as a part of you, transcendence in Christ Consciousness will be easy and permanent.

There are some individuals that have always been here. You know them.  They are generally the sweetest and most loving people you have ever met.

My wife is one of these individuals…

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I found this out through contact with the Divine one night in meditation.  It flashed in my mind that my wife (that I had just married a few months ago) had been Christ Conscious years before myself.  She had manifested the agape, selfless, and serving love of Jesus Christ. She had done this so well, in fact, that she was able to stay here permanently until she ascended higher through our marriage.

This initial LOC is the just the beginning to selfless love. Once you achieve this state, you will have to act accordingly and continue to be selfless, so that the consciousness of Jesus Christ becomes a part of you, so that you can be His hands and feet.

Through this consciousness you are renewed and blessed over and over again as you act courageously and selflessly through the Christ’s divine consciousness.

Although this a greatly enlightened state to become a part of, normal human beings with past life and present life karma can become a part of this LOC.

This may seem contradictory, because Jesus the Christ, was supremely enlightened.

So… how can you, being simply mortal, are able to achieve Christ-like stature? This is because Christ Consciousness is the just the beginning to being Christ-like.

For this reason, you do not need to be completely cleansed of karma before entering this state. You can have love and give love magnificently, but have no desire to become permanently ascended.  That is the basic necessity for this state!

However, those who really desire to become ascended will quickly pass up this state and climb the divine ladder.

I mean… didn’t Jesus say that you could be like him and do greater things than he?

The Gospel of John tells us:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”  ~ John 14:12 NASB

This Christ conscious state doesn’t just have a qualitative nature, it is in fact quantitative as well!

Measurement of Christ Consciousness

This LOC has 100 levels to it and is measured using a variable called CC1.  This value is very large!  It is actually bigger than a googolplex!

Googolplex is so big that it would take millions of years just to write down all the zeroes and it still wouldn’t be enough.

So how could the first value of CC1 be bigger than googolplex?

This is because googolplex is a physical number, right? The Christ Consciousness is transcendence past the physical plane into the connectedness and love of creation itself.

You are literally going past mere physicality itself… Remember, you are just a spirit having a human experience, not the other way around.

To measure creation and thus its creator, you have to go beyond physical counting and into the astral (energetic) and causal (ideational) realms.

Once you reach this state, diving down deep into love itself will be easy and normal.

To think that love could be normal.

To think that to have and to give love would be easy.

That is what being Christ Conscious is all about.

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You are God’s child, you are all the Sons and Daughters of God.  BUT… you have yet to realize your true potential!  Know that you are SPIRIT and you shall become that which you are and have always been.

Are you feeling the Divine’s love now?  Do you feel the untamed possibilities of becoming one with Its universal SPIRIT?

Quick How-To for Ascension

A “How to” for quicker ascension into Christ Consciousness through loving creation:

  • Discover who you think is already Christ Conscious and do everything they do
  • Discover those individuals whom you love and give more to them
  • Discover those individuals whom you know need love and give more to them
  • Discover those individuals whom you absolutely dislike and struggle to give love to and love them more
  • Discover that all of creation includes all of these individuals above. They aren’t necessarily human, but could be plant or animal.

Giving love is the pure embodiment as described by the five love languages described by Gary Chapman.  Whether you:

  • give physical affection
  • perform a service
  • give a gift
  • spend some quality time or…
  • even say a word of encouragement

These are all ways to show love.  The more we do it, the easier it becomes, and more likely our ascension will be.

If all of the above isn’t working and or is difficult to do, then perform the sixth love language – pray for them. Some think it could be silence, tolerance, or approval, but I would venture to say that a physical action is required to bring about love that can change. Prayer is just the action needed.

Prayer is the single greatest thing you can do for anyone you are trying to love.  The Divine can always give them, what you cannot, and is happy to do so. Make sure to pray while you are deep in silence or meditation.  It is always stronger and more potent when you are focused.  AND… don’t forget to repeat it at least once per day.

There is also a seventh love language.  But the only way to provide this kind of love is through God-realization.  To realize God within yourself as pure bliss and pure love and then manifest that love in your body during very deep meditation as samadhi or otherwise, will instantly spread that love throughout creation to all beings.  This is the highest form of love.  To become one with SPIRIT through realization.

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Ultimately, if you harbor any ill-will towards any of the Divine’s creation, the Christ Consciousness will be impossible for you to achieve.  Release your hatred, your frustration, and your lack of love now.  Ask your spirit guides, angelic guardians, the Holy Vibration, or whatever you call the Divine, to lead your love.

Just asking is merely enough.

Even if it doesn’t feel sincere, the Divine will hear it and reach out to you.  Expect it to come in some subtle way.  When God gets our attention first, more is provided.

May the blessings of the Divine be upon you,