The Minervan man

The Minervan Man

Here is your potential self – the Minervan man.

The Minervan man, self-realization, enlightenment

We are divinely created in the image of the Creator. In this way you have both male and female qualities about you.

You may be scientific and logical or spiritual and intuitive.  You are more likely a combination of the two.  These are the essential, foundational qualities of the Minervan man – a perfect blending of divine and human.

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The Minervan man is the future of mankind’s spiritual evolution here on Earth…  at least for the next 2,000 years.  Until then, we must aspire to ascend as a Minervan to comprehend our true heritage as purity, sanctity, and divinity.

Inner peace and bliss are both necessary aspects of the Minervan man. This is what we must ultimately achieve during this current world era.

Do you notice how conflicts are still going on around the world?  Whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, turmoil exists – even after such great world wars.

Where ever you turn – in the media, in the newspaper, on Facebook, hostility exists to grab your attention away from what is important.

The Minervan man’s greatest challenge is to cultivate peace, happiness, and bliss wherever you go. Especially during these struggling and conflicted times.

Inner peace is the first step to developing the aptitude to realize God’s bliss.  If you have God’s bliss, then you are a true ascended Minervan.

In the beginning, inner peace is gained through meditation and stilling the physical body. This ultimately leads to mental stillness. Once your mind is stilled, bliss will come in intermittent waves to provide you encouragement.

To know whether you have gained true Minervan bliss or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it felt in both the heart and the third eye?
  • Can I access it at any moment?
  • Does it completely engulf the mind leading to mindlessness?
  • Am I able to clear emotional conflicts in my life easily?
  • Do others notice that I seem more at ease?
  • Do others say they feel the ease that comes from me?

These are just a few questions to help sort out the differences between having peace and bliss. Inner peace is great, but having inner bliss is truly transcendent!

In our current world era, few religions are able to achieve the Minervan mindset collectively in a group.  Some spiritual practices involving yoga can teach you to rise on your own, but often a guru or spiritual teacher is needed for permanent ascension.

To increase the opportunity for ascension find unity in all God’s creation to become unified in God’s cosmic consciousness. This is the true definition of the Minervan man.

Questions to ponder:

  • Do I notice something is wrong with the world?
  • Am I losing interest with the material world?
  • Am I searching for something I cannot buy or gain physically?

If you can answer yes to at least 2 of the 3 of these questions, then you may be in fact a Minervan man or woman, destined for greatness!

Ultimately the person who goes outside the box of religious reality and finds the spiritual gem in all belief systems may truly be the Minervan man of this era.

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For the next blog post I will focus on Self-realization.  This is the core topic and the goal of my book. I want all of you to reach self-realization in this lifetime, if possible.

Read on and you will find your path!

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Get Your Bliss On!


Doesn’t just saying it make you feel better?


But what is bliss, really?

Bliss has been described as a combination of all positive emotions wrapped into one little neat package, as an expression of true contentment.

It is really all that, but it is actually much more.

Bliss is a transcendence of all emotion whether positive or negative.

It goes outside the boundaries of inner peace, joy, and contentment.

It is the purest aspect of the Divine that you can experience while still in the physical body.

Feeling real bliss, enables you to transcend the physical body space into an infinite realm of possibilities.

Some people may experience it through:

  • Sex
  • Sleep
  • Sweets
  • Drugs

Sex makes sense through the experience of an orgasm, but it is best done when you are married to or are in a life partnership.  Non-committal sex will always lead to loss of self-control and loss of any bliss gained.

If sex isn’t blissful, then sleep is the next best thing!  I LOVE sleep and this aspect was pointed out to me by my chiropractic business partner.  Great sleep leads to great gains in bliss. Period.

Sweet tasting goodies are obvious, but some people are not triggered by the same type of sweet treat.  It seems that chocolate and lemon-flavored things do it for me, but others may enjoy ice cream or hard candies.

Sweets also trigger an instant release of serotonin and being the feel-good hormone that it is, will simulate instant but short-lived blissful rapture.

And… Drugs, although absolutely not recommended by this blog post, author, or publisher, is a common way people attempt to gain higher levels of positive well-being.  This is a shortcut, but one that will lead to the Death Valley of emotions.

This means that no artificial substance can ever bring you true lasting bliss, that is ultimately great for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

So… there are some obvious physical aspects that can bring on bliss for shorter periods of time.  But what if you want to create longer-lasting blissful events that will permanently change your wellbeing for the better?

These three may do the trick:

  • Visiting, Vacationing, or Vacating to a Peaceful Locale
  • Through Meditation or Deep Devotional Prayer
  • Through a Spontaneous Awakening Experience

The obvious choice would be to get up and move away!

I mean… who doesn’t want to be in Fiji when Montana (where I live) gets car-crushing, home-destroying hailstorms, Chicago (where I am from) is blizzarding at off times of the year, and every other part of this country is in weathering turmoil?!?

Now, not everyone can do this, but everyone could spend morning and night mediating or in prayer.

This wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice, but it is the safest, most effective, and most permanent route to achieving last bliss.

If meditation doesn’t work, then you may receive a blessing through a spontaneous awakening experience.

This commonly occurs after a major cathartic (emotional) release, severe physical trauma, or a direct blessing from one’s spiritual teacher, guru, or master.

In these times, when few self-realized masters are still alive in the physical body, this blessing is gained through deep devotional prayer towards the spiritual teacher.

When I asked my office staff and coworkers what they thought bliss was, I got these answers:

  • Salt and Vinegar Chips with Beer
  • Ribs and BBQ
  • Rice Krispy Treats
  • Neapolitan Pizza

It is really different for everyone, but most of the time, people gain it through food – I mean, it is comforting, right?

Well… if you want lasting bliss, take what you have learned in the last two blogs employ them here.

Journey Blog + Inner Peace Blog = Bliss Blog

This means to combine:

Meditation + Shambhavi mudra + Stillness of the body

These processes above are the same as:

Silent Sitting + Creating tension at third eye + Still Sitting

These three exercises, when practiced together, create wonderful levels of peace, stillness, and bliss.

When following these techniques, bliss may only come in short instances and in varied moments.

The more you practice them, the more benefit you will gain leading to longer and more prolong occurrences of bliss.

This bliss can take you over the mountain and through the valleys of your life more easily than anything ever created. This is because the Divine created this consciousness for you and everyone else to experience when needed.  But you first must become attuned to this consciousness.

It may take some time initially, but once you have it, it will never leave you.

In my first ebook, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, I talk in depth about how you can attain bliss in the here and now.

I give the science and the millennial-old yoga practice behind true bliss and enlightenment.

Hope you will get a chance to read it.

~Dr. Derek