Sahaja Samadhi – It’s Supposed to Be Easy, Right?

This is truly the final, end all, be all state of consciousness that you will ever be able to achieve ever.

How about that for an ultimatum?

But I thought nirvikalpa was the highest? Isn’t that what all the great masters have said?

Ah yes!  They have!  But all things, old and new, are meant to be built upon.  Think about how humanity used to live in homes made of clay and mortar.  Now you can see giant skyscrapers shining in the night sky.  The same goes with literature, philosophy, and writing. As society discovers new ways of looking at the world, someone else comes along to make it that much better.

For example: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which was written back around 400 CE, was the first piece of foundational yogic literature on samadhi and highest states of consciousness.  It was elaborated upon further by (in chronological order):

  • Lahiri Mahasaya – 1800’s
  • Sivananda – late 1800 to early/mid 1900’s
  • Yogananda –  early to mid 1900’s
  • K. Taimni – mid to late 1900’s
  • Sri Chinmoy – late 1900’s

I am sure there have been others, but the authors here have been quoted most ubiquitously in writings on yoga.

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I first read about Sahaja samadhi with Swami Sivananda and Ramana Maharshi.  I don’t know if he was the first to write about it, but the Sanskrit word sahajavastha which refers to “natural” or “easy” attainment of samadhi, is used in his writings.

Sri Chinmoy also elaborated upon sahaja samadhi further using the analogy of a building.  You could view Sahaja samadhi as the very top floor or even the entire building itself. At the very top, you have the opportunity to experience all floors and don’t necessarily need to come down to those lower levels.  It is all a matter of choice.

Once attaining this natural state of samadhi, you will have a chance to go higher, if you please. This is because sahaja samadhi is made of two different sections. One section is finite – meaning it can be counted as a definable end, whereas the second portion is infinitely large and goes on forever!

Now that’s a thought… how can our level of consciousness (LOC) continue to increase forever???

Seems kind of impossible, right?

There are many seemingly impossible things in this world – such as the existence of life itself, on this tiny little planet, in perfect orbit, in a solar system that is amongst billions of others in a galaxy that is one in a billion of others, in one known portion of our infinitely unknown universe.

See how it could go on and on?

Try not to fathom it too much, otherwise you may go a little bonkers!


With Sahaja samadhi you will be able to naturally have the stillness and peace of savikalpa, while being “out-of-body” with asamprajñata, and still being able to maintain the fabulous bliss consciousness of nirvikalpa.

AND… you will be able to do it immediately! Right now! In this moment!

Doesn’t that sound worth it?  To be immediately peaceful, happy, joyful, blissful in any moment that you choose?  In nirvikalpa it takes extreme effort to maintain the bliss once you gain it.  In sahaja, you point, click, and boom! You are there. Literally that is all takes. Point your attention to your eyebrows, practice a little kechari mudra, and the infinite flow of bliss comes.

This is, at least, how it is for me.

I am not trying to brag or anything, because that is not why the Divine provides such wonderful blessings. Instead I am here to teach you to rise above the petty squabbling of everyday activities and reach forth into meditation, to pull out the gems of joy consciousness.

This blessing of sahaja samadhi continues through pure spontaneity of bliss as it can be completely immersive in one moment and gone in the next.  In this way, your body becomes in control by the Divine.

The Divine may use you to help others by submersing you in such an ocean of bliss, that a mere look from you could change their spiritual situation forever. Sometimes it is the exact opposite… no bliss may be present, but it is because verbal communication is more necessary for the encounter. This is because it is in fact very difficult, initially, to verbally communicate easily while immersed.

The first time I was immersed in public, I was walking through a Chinese grocery store called SuGuo in the Jiangsu province in downtown Baoying, China. It was very cold outside and our only means of transportation were bicycles. Packed in a heavy coat, long underwear, and thick socks, my wife and I slowly made our way to downtown.

It would stand to reason that to maintain a blissful immersion would be impossible on a bicycle… but alas! I remember riding very slowly because my limbs felt very dysfunctional.  I knew I wasn’t floating on air, but that is how the body felt!

Once we got to the supermarket, we took the escalator up, and got our shopping cart. As I slowly began to walk around the store, the bliss intensified. All I remember was feeling so lost in elation that I forgot how to push the cart!  Jessie, my wife, not exactly sure what was going on with me, had the pull the cart with me attached to it!  What a truly blessed experience!

Throughout my time in China I was the most deeply immerse because God had a special purpose in mind.  In those moments, the Creator’s bliss was more easily spread throughout the town of Baoying because I had been such a willing host.  I just let the Lord do whatever He wanted with this body.  The more willing I was, the better the experience, and the more joy and bliss I received as a result.

In sahaja samadhi, your bliss will occur more spontaneously, but in some ways it will be more difficult to maintain. The reason for this is because the causal body, the last “physical” layer enclosing the soul, will have become permanently removed.

Soul's Love

This causal body is present in nirvikalpa samadhi and encloses the soul, keeping its pure, reflected love from escaping as easily. This is why nirvikalpa is so intense and considered the highest version of samadhi itself.

What people don’t usually understand is that when you enter into sahaja samadhi, the intensity of bliss becomes more naturalized. It becomes a natural and spontaneous occurrence.  You will be able to conjure it, through effort, but that joy becomes naturally a part of your every day being.

If you want the intensity and depth of nirvikalpa all the time, then you will have to practice entering into nirvikalpa while in sahaja samadhi as much as possible.

I personally do this by sambhavi mudra, coupled with a full kechari mudra, and finally using the jalandhara bandha.  This is essentially full focus at the third eye, activation of amrita with the tongue, and using the throat lock to the keep the energy from dropping. All these techniques are also great activators, but are also great for maintaining.

I do these techniques EVERY day – literally every morning, all day long, and at night as well.  I just want to be blissful all the time!  I just can’t get enough of it!

The reason for this is because life on planet Earth is hard!  Also the more bliss I can maintain, the better life becomes. This is because your thoughts attract and create everything around you with the Law of Attraction.

Bliss = Good things

Never-ending Bliss = Good things happening all the time whether you want them to or not!

That is the life I want to live.  Immersed in bliss, happiness, joy, and peace.  I think this is what everyone wants.  No one wants to be unhappy.  Some people appear as though they enjoy being grumpy, but I don’t think they know how good it feels to be happy – all the time.

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So… Thanks for getting interested in my blog posts. I have some ebooks available for you to read, if you haven’t gotten started yet.  If you are interested in reading on a tablet or kindle reader, below are a list of those books and where you can buy them.

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization

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In Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, I have much more detail about the states of consciousness leading up to self-realization and God-realization. This book is meant explain the many aspects of self-realization, from the viewpoints of all major world religions and philosophical schools of thought.

In no way do I want to advertise one world religion over another.  I believe in the sanctity of the Divine and Its expression in a multitude of forms.  This means that whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, or Jewish, you will be able to find some familiarity with this book.

All paths of love are paths to God.  They may not have a prophet or Christ-like character that leads their faith, but that doesn’t mean their brand of religious thought is wrong – it is just different!

The goal of the book is to bridge the gap of religious intolerance by the use of yoga. Yoga is the greatest spiritual practice ever given to humankind.  This is because it can span any religion and give meaning to any belief practice.

Yoga whether practiced physically, mentally, or spiritually will lead to great gains in your life.  It doesn’t have to be in levels of consciousness, but measured in love, peace, and happiness.

Its simple really…

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At the end of 2017, I plan to have a print version of the 3 ebooks above.

Stay tuned and I will have it available for you soon.

~ Dr. Derek


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