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Journey to the Ends of the Earth

Where do you belong?

What is your path?

Where does your journey begin and end?

Do you see yourself flying high in the sky on the wings of eagles in the cockpit of thundering jet airplane? Or…

Do you find yourself desiring a sailboat to navigate the open seas, swimming with the dolphins of distant waters, and feeling the open breeze?

Or maybe you are simply attempting to find where you belong and where you begin…

I find this belonging is essential when discovering where the journey begins and ends.

Determining what you are most passionate about will help you in discovering where you fit.

To help you get started on this journey, I am going to provide you a simple meditation that will help you discover a part of your true path.

Silent Sitting:

  • Sit in a quiet place – either cross-legged or in a chair
  • Sit as calmly, as quietly, and as still as possible
  • From here try to remember what you did when you were a child
  • Ask yourself these questions:
    • What did I most enjoy doing when I was young?
    • Was I by myself or did I always like having friends around?
    • Was there anything in particular that my parents, siblings, and friends say most about me?
  • Do this for at least 10 min a day for 3-4 days

The faster you can quiet your thoughts, the more you can communicate with your inner self

You may get an answer in the form of a fleeting thought, a gut reaction to a particular idea, or peace may wash over at the saying of particular phrase – all of these are good and should be considered a direct response to your questions.

If these questions were easily answered, then move on to the next exercise.  If not, then spend at least three times as long per day (30 min) seated on a chair or cross-legged (if possible) to discover the answers to these problems.

Silent Sitting is excellent because anyone can do it, at any time.  You may be driving down the road (don’t close your eyes here… ) or taking a shower (silent standing).  All of these activities are prime times when your mind becomes more cleared because of your attention to the physicality of your environment.

The next exercise is to focus your attention deeper and allow for true silence to infuse the mind.

Silent Meditation:

  • Find a quiet place and sit as calmly, quietly, and as still as possible
  • Bring your attention to the point between the eyebrows or the third eye
  • To bring attention to third eye, do this:
    • Literally look up and towards the middle of the forehead – you may feel slightly cross-eyed…
    • It is best to keep your eyelids closed during this because the eyes will have the tendency to become dry
    • In this eye position it is essential to feel comfortable although the first 5-7 seconds of pushing the physical eyes up towards the forehead may feel like a strain. This sensation is normal as long as it doesn’t persist for more than 10-15 seconds
    • Keep this eye position as long as possible.
    • Doing this will create tension at the third eye (point between the eyebrows).
    • This tension will enhance your stillness and peace of mind during meditation
  • Practice this for at least 20 minutes per day – morning is usually best. If you can do more, up to 60 minutes morning and night is optimal.

For each religious practice and belief system, a time of silence and reflection for at least 15 minutes or more with or without guidance is necessary to bring about stillness.  You do not necessarily need to be in a large group, but when two or more are gathered, the presence of God is more palpable and present. In this way, if the above exercises aren’t manifesting strongly, then try sitting in silence in a larger group of people.  It will make a difference!  I promise!

Ultimately the above two exercises are great ways to discover your true passion and will continually activate your internal motivation to attract the best circumstances to you.

When you finally come across your passion and manifestation face to face and still don’t feel satisfied by your willful attraction, then do the following:

Create a dream board

I am sure you have heard of this before as it is not new, but as simple as it appears, this creative project has powerful effects on your conscious desires and subconscious attraction to your desires.

In your creation of your dream board, you will discover what brings you happiness and ultimately what will bring you the greatest contentment.

How to Create a Dream Board:

  • Get a piece of poster board at least 18×18”
  • Make sure to have lots of colored pencils, markers, or even crayons!
  • Get out your favorite magazines and be prepared to cut them to pieces.
  • Make it colorful, intense, vibrant, and specific
  • The more exciting and specific you can be about the images on your dream board, the better your attraction to those desires
  • Place it in a place of high visibility, so that you can remind yourself everyday of your soon-to-be accomplishments.
  • It will help remind you every day of the kind of person you want and ultimately are meant to be
  • Then when you are in meditation, you will have your visual dream board on the forefront of your mind, helping you attract the very best life circumstances for your life purpose.

AND… in the silence is where the Divine speaks to you.  Without this time of silence, the clutter of your everyday life will continue to invade your thoughts, preventing you from attaining higher levels of peace and tranquility.  The clutter is what makes life unmanageable and will further prevent you from reaching your destiny.

So… another great and easy way to accomplish your dreams is to surround yourself with people of like-mindedness.

If you want to be artist or musician – take classes, go to an art museum, or join a community band/choir.

If you want to be healthier – visit your local chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, or nutritionist and learn more about how to improve in your health journey.

If you want to be wealthy – then surround yourself with people and situations that help you to become this way.

And the list goes on… whether it be personal goals or global goals, surrounding yourself with people of like-mind will bring you to your objective even more quickly.

In the process of discovering your desires, you will find that as one journey starts, another will end.  This is the natural rhythm of the universe and is required to start anew.

In my first ebook, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, I talk about my own journey and how I started unearthing my own desires to become self-realized.

This path was started through meditation and kriya yoga, but has evolved into so much more.

I didn’t realize this was my path, until I gave it chance, eventually putting my all into it.

I hope I can help you start your own journey.  We can take it together.

If you are unsure how this begins, I will soon have a freebie available for you to get started.

You may be on the path to a newfound awareness and understanding of your higher self.  This would be the place to begin.

God Bless and God Speed,

Dr. Derek

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