Consciousness Versus!


This is the baseline conscious state that everyone accesses while awake and not sleeping. Your awareness is here during the waking hours. You leave this state either during sleep, intense prayer, meditation, or ultimately at your death.

This is the first real state of consciousness that you will be a part of while in the 1st Dimension. The 1st Dimension resembles an underground cavern and is spiritually filled with heavy, dampened karma, that ultimately will prevent your upward ascension into self-realization. The goal here is to permanently transcend consciousness to the state of superconsciousness.

It is only a few steps above, but will still require some real devotion, dedication, and discipline.

As you ascend in realization, the consciousness can be removed from various parts of the body allowing you to create a turiya-like condition.  This isn’t the true, fourth dimensional, transcendental state spoken about masters of self-realization.  Instead during this experience, you will to attune yourself to higher states of vibrational awareness.

By doing so, spiritual access will be given to your body and brain to ascend to the next level of realization.  This will happen without end, as long as you are still in your present physical body.  Meaning… you have not died.

This sounds morbid, I know, but really it is not meant to be!

There are some aspects that need to be absolutely understood before you can move on.  This is just the beginning of the journey!  Stick with me!  There is still so much more to come!

Within Consciousness is included the LOCs (Levels of Consciousness) Unconsciousness, Subconsciousness, and Drunken Consciousness.  The first two states are classically described according to the medical literature. The third state – Drunken Consciousness – can be your first access into the highest state of bliss possible.

Drunken Consciousness is difficult to understand, but for those who have a predisposition to achieve it, will go far in their understanding of what real God-realization is all about.  I don’t want to elaborate too much here as it is not the goal of these blog posts, but check it out in the book, you’ll see what I mean.

The LOCs Unconsciousness and Subconsciousness have been considered similar to many individuals. Some psychologists such as Sigmund Freud even think that the subconscious state to be nonexistent!

The medical literature describes unconsciousness as a physical interaction between the brain and what it perceives while awake. Obviously, the individual is not “consciously” awake and so is considered un-conscious.

The subconscious mind is generally considered more by psychologists as what controls over 98% of bodily function. This is because you are only aware of about 2% bodily function.

However, as you ascend in self-realization, your own self-awareness will also increase exponentially allowing you tap into the other 98%.

OM AUM Symbol

Consciousness is only the beginning! There is so much more to talk about. Hang on to your seats kids, because we are going for a ride!

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