Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization

Take a look inside my first ebook!

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I: The Science

This new book I have written is the heart and soul of my current spiritual reality and the future for people in this current era.

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The world has come into a new age since the 1800’s.

Lahiri Mahasaya, a truly God-realized yogi, began to spread the message of Kriya yoga.

This is a type of yogic meditation that unites the body and brain to reach higher levels of consciousness (LOCs) leading to self-realization.

In self-realization, the unification of the Creator’s consciousness with your own consciousness leads to perfect awareness, perfect peace, and perfect bliss.

Can you imagine that?  Being able to tap into an unlimited source of energy that brings on wave after wave of blissful peace and happiness?

I couldn’t initially, but then I realized there was a way…

Paramahansa Yogananda, another yogi from India, spread the Kriya yoga message of liberating peace throughout the United States during the early 1900’s.  He was a direct disciple of Sri Yukteswar who was a direct disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya himself.

I discovered his teachings, practiced them relentlessly, until I achieved the unachievable… self-realization.

This book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, is my journey into the spiritual unknowns of yoga, mysticism, and true religious unification.

The book starts off with my journey (Chapter 1) to the point where I discovered God-unity in the Divine’s Cosmic Consciousness. From there, my level of enlightenment skyrocketed into the spiritual realms of God-realization.

Inner peace and the true nature of bliss (Chapters 2 and 3) are then explained showing they are intertwined in our daily lives and in the life of a Minervan man or woman.

This Minervan man and woman (Chapter 4) are the individuals who are ascending in this current age or have already ascended to self-realization. This is your future and the people you care about.

Your destiny is to eventually reach self-realization in some form or another.  Whether that of a Minervan man, ascended master, or perfected master.

There are many Minervans who are celibate or married.  For some, their religion allows them to ascend in unity during prayer time and others allow them to ascend all on their own.

The Minervan man is our current present and future. In time, most beings on planet Earth will be ascended in self-realization. But this will take thousands of years to manifest.  We are now just in the beginning stages of this evolution.

In the next two chapters (5 and 6), self-realization and meditation will be expounded upon in great detail, showing how a meditative practice is the key to religious unification in the world through becoming self-realized. Further on in Chapter 7, yoga will be described briefly to describe its origins, how it is associated with meditation, and how it is utilized in this modern era.

In Chapter 8,  different views of samadhi will be described from the classical to the modern and finally to my own view in this current era.

Next, muscle testing (Chapter 9) will be explained as a direct, scientific method to determine your own level of consciousness.  It will also help you to decipher the length of time it will take to become self-realized, and how to accurately and easily use intuition for direct access to the Divine’s universal knowledge.

After all those great introductions, we get into the levels of consciousness associated with the process of self-realization.


In Chapter 10, I have created charts and diagrams to give visual representation to the various levels of consciousness. This chapter is best for those individuals who love lists and bullet points!

How does one evolve from mere Consciousness to Superconsciousness to Cosmic Consciousness on up to Divine Superconsciousness?

In Chapter 10, I will set it all straight for you.

From Chapters 11 to 16, written in precise detail, is the following:

  • Every single state of consciousness
  • Its significance in self-realization
  • Its numerical standing in ascension
  • AND… if some gurus had supported it

Below is each Chapter and the associated topics:

  • Chapter 11 – 1st Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 12 – Christ Consciousness and Beyond (1st Dimension)
  • Chapter 13 – 2nd Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 14 – 3rd Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 15 – Multidimensional LOCs
  • Chapter 16 – Extradimensional (and Uni-A-Dimensional LOCs)

The chapters after this will include:

  • Chapter 17 – Summary of yogic powers
  • Chapter 18 – Summary of self-realization
  • Chapter 19 – A “How to” for meditation
  • Chapter 20 – Beginning to self-realization

Each of the major level/state of consciousness (LOCs) will are covered in future blog posts and emails if you signed up to our mailing list.

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Meditation is the key to realizing our greatest dreams without having to work both materially and physically hard for them.

Devotion, Discipline, and Diligence are really the only things needed to realizing your successes.

The book is for you and for everyone else who dreams of a better life for themselves.  Knowing that this life is not all there is, the Divine will push you to realize more, so that you can become unified in the Creator’s vibrant consciousness.

Before the full print version of the book arrives, I have split up the book into three major sections.

These sections are published as ebooks through Amazon. Soon, the full book will be in print for your viewing pleasure!

The book is so meaty and full of intelligent, scientific, mathematical, and existential knowledge, that it was necessary to split up the content initially.

Here is the cover for the first book: Part I: The Science

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I - The Science

Here is the 2nd book: Part II: The Ascension

The Ascension Book Cover

Finally the third ebook: Part III: The Summit

The Summit Book Cover

All three ebooks are currently available on Amazon.

Now… the chapter headings above may not exactly match up to what is in the ebook.  This is because I am updating the print book and a few things have changed.  Once the print book is finished, I will update the ebooks online and whomever has bought them, will get the updated versions as well (according to Amazon).

Check out my earlier blog posts to understand what Ascended Books is all about!   From there you can forge ahead and learn even more about what we are offering.

Be well,

Dr. Derek

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