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Top 5 Spiritual Gifts

What are the Top 5 Spiritual Gifts? Spiritual gifts, also called charism, charisms, or charismata in Greek are considered non-physical characteristics and abilities given by God, Spirit, or the Source energy of the universe. Most spiritual gifts are written about in Christianity, but there are other religions which also write about these Divine rewards. The Top 5 […]

Stream of Consciousness

It is in the wee hours of the morning. What can one do? These are the questions I ask my Self often.  I suspect these are questions asked by those who try to follow the will of the universe without fail. This, at least for me, is to be in the perfect flow of the […]

A New Year in 2017

This is truly a new year for new opportunities. Whether you agree with the political environment of the United States currently or the global events that happened during 2016, we are in a new year. And that means more opportunities to evolve and get things back on track. For me, numerologically, 2016 represented a year […]

Intention and Intuition

The other doctor that I currently work with and I were talking about intention. If we intend to get a certain type of chiropractic manipulation done, then it will most likely happen in that way.  However, if we adjust at random (without focused intention), then the adjustment will turn out poorly.  This is of course the same […]

Sahaja Samadhi – It’s Supposed to Be Easy, Right?

This is truly the final, end all, be all state of consciousness that you will ever be able to achieve ever. How about that for an ultimatum? But I thought nirvikalpa was the highest? Isn’t that what all the great masters have said? Ah yes!  They have!  But all things, old and new, are meant […]