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Are We God?

What a statement to make!  What does that mean exactly??

When the question is asked, “Are We God?,” most of the time people go absolutely crazy and have already developed an opinion.

Opinions have a tendency to be very subjective and emotionally-based, so we are going to explain this question with different types of reasoning.  I will use both scientific and theological reasoning to bridge the gap between science-minded and religiously-minded people.

This is because BOTH ways of thinking are correct in their own way.

Now, an attempt at a cohesive explanation.

What is the nature of the Self?

This is the most difficult concept in the world to understand. Especially for those new to the idea of the Higher Self.

I will attempt to provide a simple and (hopefully) logical way to look at our existence as both human and God. One that will be both accepted to some degree and vehemently opposed. I expect both, so no worries on your acceptance or rejection of the explanation below.

First!  A quick definition of duality versus non-duality.


  1. Everything in the universe including itself
  2. Co-existence of opposites – light/dark, high/low, good/evil
  3. Existence consists of: physical, astral (energetic/subtle), and causal (ideational/particle-based) parts


  1. Everything beyond any created thing
  2. Anything outside of creation or the universe
  3. This is inclusive of a possible creator beyond creation considered as a pure vibration or SPIRIT

We can also look at the physical body as the shell that is a part of duality or creation. The soul, being the pure part outside of creation, is a part of the “Higher Self,” the creator, or non-duality.

The soul is a piece of absolute, intelligent, point-source energy that dwells in each conscious living thing in the universe.  It can be more fully conscious in humans or less conscious in animals and smaller organisms.

The soul is one that is fully connected to the infinite source of all creation in the universe.

This then leads one to question:

  • What is the nature of God?
  • Is God really a “person” or just all-encompassing intelligent energy?

The word, “God” has different meanings for everyone.

The Hindus have many forms of God. This is the practice of Polytheism.

The Christians say that their God is split into three different forms:

  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Ghost

The Islamic community proclaims that, “Allah is the one God, and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The Buddhists don’t focus on the existence of a God, because the teachings of the Buddha were non-theistic (without a specific belief in a god or deity) in nature.

So… where does that leave us?

“God” is the number one word in the world that causes the most emotional reaction when spoken aloud.  In an attempt to be non-bias (which is almost absolutely impossible), which will hopefully create objectivity, I will give my own understand on this concept of the Higher Self and it applies to the existence or non-existence of a creator.

Also the question, “Are we God?” is one that not only will cause turmoil in most people that read this post, but also has occurred in my own self as well. This is because there is so much negative, combative, and condemning understanding surrounding it.

My simple explanation is this…

God is us and we are God, but we need some qualifications:

  1. God is generally considered an absolute “something”
  2. It has no beginning and no end
  3. It is intelligent in nature
  4. It acts as “creator” giving rise to an infinitude of creation in some fashion
  5. A creator has to be non-dual (beyond anything created or physical) thing because it is the creator outside of its creation
  6. If a creator is non-dual then anything created outside of it is essentially the creator itself, because everything has to come from it.

What is even more difficult to understand is:

  1. The Higher Self = The Soul + God as Creator = A Piece of the pure Creator which lies in every conscious be-ing
  2. Encased in a physical body we, the conscious be-ings, forget our true nature because we are convinced we are limited by our three-dimensional construction.
  3. This world provides us the opportunity to break through and discover our real positions as Sons and Daughters of the Creator
  4. As we begin to ascend by levels of consciousness through basic spiritual laws, the piece of creator within begins to emerge more fully, allowing us to attune more completely with the Creator’s cosmic consciousness.

Because we are innately both a part of the Creator’s creation (as a physical body) and the soul (a piece of the Creator’s purity), we can say we are God. However, we cannot say we are God as a whole because that involves saying we are every piece of creation and every soul that exists.  That obviously is the not case.

Also if all atoms in the universe are really just made out of empty space, then what is making all physical things so solid?

The Mind.

This is how we can explain that we are all God through and through because, something that created us had to put It’s Intelligent Self into us, allowing for us to know ourselves as Self (or eventually the Higher Self), but also know ourselves as something non-Self.  You see?

Is your head hurting yet?

If so, no worries!  Hakuna matata!

This is all just the tip of the iceberg.

This info is difficult to understand, but what we should take from it is this:

  • If we really are a microcosmic part of the macrocosmic Creator, then we are all just the same, aren’t we?
  • Maybe that could help us treat each other a little better?
  • Maybe we wouldn’t all see in black and white when it comes to race issues, gender issues, and religious issues?
  • Maybe, we could all just get along…?

The Ultimate Question:

  • How can we see a little God in everyone?

Learn to love.

This is the hardest to do, but the most practical.  Instead of seeing color in the skin, differences in sexuality, or what kind of God they believe in, see them as someone you know and care about.

See them struggling in their every day life just as you do.  See them dealing with the same issues that you do.  Then try to see how they love the world they live in.

Once this happens, you will see they do it in the same way you do!  It is truly magical.  You will come to the realization that we are all connected, dealing with very similar issues in different ways.  We realize the problems we had with others, was really a problem we had with ourselves.

All problems we have with others, always come from a problem that began with ourselves initially.  Finding this out will lead to the greatest love we can attempt to cultivate for others: unconditional love.

So that’s it.

Check out the next blog post on the structure of my first ebook, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I: The Science.  You will get a first-hand look how it is all put together.  Click the above link to get direct access to it.  You can also read it if you go to top first post of the “featured” section of the blog page.

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  1. Lorinda B soon to be ND ;)
    Lorinda B soon to be ND ;) says:

    You are so beautiful. I have brought this idea to my mom, but could not verbalize as greatly as you. Love the paragraph “because we are innately both a part of the Creator’s creation…….” Love you Dr. Derek

    • Dr. Derek
      Dr. Derek says:

      You have such kind words doc. Thanks again. Keep reading and keep commenting because I would love to know what you think. God bless.


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