Old Books

We here at Ascended Books are all about bringing enlightenment and realization to you who seek solace in the Divine.

The books, publications, videos, photos, and other content posted here is to kindle and bring forth your own latent, divine nature.

We are all connected on this planet as one big microcosmic family, always creating anew, building a new foundation on traditional cultures and values.

Many new ideas are coming into existence during this current Earth era. Because of this, the consciousness of the world is shifting into a positive light.

With this change will come brand a new generation of books, writings, and ideas that transform the way you look at the world.

The right time is now. There is no better time to realize your potential to create a wonderful new world for yourself.

Ascended Books is a publishing group that will strive to deliver information both on paper and e-content that raises your level of consciousness to the next level.

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