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Intention and Intuition

The other doctor that I currently work with and I were talking about intention.

If we intend to get a certain type of chiropractic manipulation done, then it will most likely happen in that way.  However, if we adjust at random (without focused intention), then the adjustment will turn out poorly.  This is of course the same with anything.

I made the comment that intention is really just our intuition in action.

I reasoned that our intuition is always present, always working, always attempting to send us signals from our Higher Self.  This Higher Self is the purest connection that is created between the soul and the Divine.

If we can stay tapped in and turned on to the signals that are being broadcasted from the great beyond, then we will be able to turn those intuitive thoughts into divine actions. Those divine actions are what can change a situation for the better or for the best!

All of us are Divine. All we need to do is discover that deep connection within ourselves.

The best way to start is to learn to meditate. Try to sit more and more in complete bodily stillness each and every day.  Keep the consciousness you gain from meditation with you throughout the day and you will grow abundantly stronger in your intuition.  Eventually the Divine will express Itself fully through you, allowing full access to your intuition at will for the benefit of yourself and others.

I like the sound of that. 🙂

~ Dr. Derek

Photo Courtesy: Federico Beccari Photography from Unsplash