Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness.

Beautiful. Perfect. Bliss Consciousness.

This is the initiation into the experience of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Beginning

A man named Richard Maurice Bucke was the first one to write about Cosmic Consciousness in 1901.  He called it initially as the “Cosmic Sense” and then was further adapted by other individuals such as Paramahansa Yogananda as Cosmic Consciousness. Bucke describes this state of being as:

  • suddenly occurring
  • experiencing a subjective “inner light”
  • elevation in one’s moral awareness
  • intellectual illumination
  • a sense of immortality
  • loss of the sense of sin
  • loss of the fear of death
  • a gain of true happiness

Isn’t this what you really desire?  To gain the truest sense of yourself.  To see with eyes that see and hear with ears that hear. This is the Kingdom of Heaven that the Christ spoke about.

Cosmic Consciousness is not only what Bucke described it as, but it is much more.

Cosmic Consciousness is the awareness that you are not the physical body.  You are in fact the Creator packaged inside of a little body.  Your soul is Its pure aspect and the body is just the vessel. In this way, you have the entire cosmos already inside of you!

This “cosmic” consciousness is the awareness that you are really just your own little universe, capable of both pure creation and pure reconstruction at the same time.

(If your mind isn’t blown yet, then either this information is not new to you, or you just think I am a looney toon.  Either way… read on!)


Before you can ascend to this lofty state of realization, you must pass through fire, water, and pure surrender.

Fire – This is the burning of physical karma that began in the 1st Dimension of the Karmic Caverns. Without this heavy burden lifted, you will never be able to ascend to the next level.

Water – This is the 2nd Dimension. After burning your karma, you must navigate the waters of a vast ocean.  You will feel like you are in a boat with no sail. Although you will always feel like you are in state of peace and calm, no real joy is felt here.  Just serenity.

Surrender – This is the 3rd dimension. After sailing the vast ocean you will have to work past the 17 different minor samadhi states before ascending into the Creator’s Cosmic Consciousness.

2nd Dimension

2nd Dimensional work is not difficult to pass but there are countless levels to break through.

In this dimensional realm, it feels like you are floating on a vast ocean, totally calm and at peace in a boat that has no sail and no direction to go.

The greatest blessing of this dimension is the opportunity to experience firsthand a lesser minor samadhi, but a samadhi nonetheless!

However, you will only be able to access it intermittently. Also the stillness of this state is nothing in comparison to the stillness experienced before in meditation. It is unparalleled and will only grow in strength as you ascend.

If you work hard breaking through these levels, ascension can occur in a couple of weeks, but if you like the aimless wandering in the 2nd dimension, then it will take you months, years, or even lifetimes longer.

3rd Dimension

After you have floated for awhile on the endless ocean of the 2nd Dimension, you will need to refocus your devotion and will power towards maintaining the path.

When you are ready to journey into the 3rd Dimension, the Divine will finally show Its true light.  It isn’t the pure light of self-realization, but a reduced form as a full lesser minor samadhi.

In the 2nd Dimension, you experienced this state intermittently. But now you will have the chance to manifest it permanently.  It will become a concrete part of your life, where it can be summoned at will for use.

The 3rd Dimension ultimately is the place where all lesser and greater minor samadhi states are experienced.

Here is an order of things you will experience in this dimensional realm.

  1. The 16 Lesser Minor Samadhi States
  2. The Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi State
  3. Self-Realization!
  4. The Divine Superconscious Experience
  5. Kundalini Awakening
  6. The Greatest Minor Samadhi State

Lesser Minor Samadhi

There are 17 of these states in total.  16 of these states are individual whereas the 17th state is considered the “Sum Samadhi” or the sum total of all the other 16 states combined. This is called Laya Samadhi. This type of samadhi has been written about by other great masters and is more common in yogic literature.

Each of the 16 states are representative of the Divine in all of its physical aspects and spiritual aspects. Whether it be compassion, wisdom, and righteousness or concentration, meditation, transcendence – all qualities are included.

In my book, there is a wonderful picture created by my wife and I, showing the Sphere of Samadhi.  It will help to direct your thoughts on how to achieve each state in its own way.

Greatest Lesser Minor Samadhi

In the yogic literature, this is referred to as Laya Samadhi. This the “Sum Samadhi”.  This state is the addition of all other 16 aspects into one.  You must be attuned to all aspects of the Divine before you can receive Its true light.  Without this attunement, you would burn out like an over-watted light bulb when receiving the Creator’s consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness

Over the millennia, this consciousness has been considered the end-all, be-all to samadhi and self-realization.  But it is not.  Although fantastic, mind-blowing, and absolutely transcendent, it does not compare to the spiritualized consciousness of nirvikalpa samadhi, the divine consciousness of the infinite state, or the divine superconsciousness of SPIRIT.

Cosmic consciousness is only the beginning to your ascension in the Divine and ultimately in SPIRIT.

Here is where you will be initiated through a Divine Superconsciousness Experience (DSCE).  This turiya samadhi is the highest samadhi experience you could ever have.  It is absolutely transcendental and characteristic of your first experience in cosmic consciousness.

Some people will have fantastic experiences, such as my own. Some will be gently guided into it.  It occurs differently for different people based upon their desires and previous life choices.

During this initiation process the kundalini will be become permanently activated as well.  This is a reservoir of spiritual energy located at the base the spine that will push up through the spinal chakras (energy centers).

At the end of the DSCE, you will become filled with such great joy.  A divine and intoxicating joy that is so powerful and overwhelming that you will literally become speechless…

After the blissful haze has finally cleared you will have then become a permanent resident of savikalpa samadhi. This is the greatest minor samadhi to exist.

However, the joy of the DSCE and this spiritual awakening will not be permanent.  You will have the permanent peace and stillness granted from a true minor samadhi, but will have to work harder to achieve the blissful joy that comes from true God-realization.

Now, doesn’t that all sound worth it?

Cosmic consciousness is the beginning to a brand new world.  The true Kingdom of Heaven is here.

The only question you have to ask yourself now is, “I am ready for it?”

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In the next blog posts, I will be elaborating further upon the Divine Superconscious Experience, the awakening of the Kundalini, and Savikalpa Samadhi.

Bless you,

Dr. Derek



Sin karma World

A Sin-Free World

A Sin-Free World.

A Karma-Free World.

A True Utopia…

Call me idealistic, but I think it’s possible!  AND… with the ability to measure where your consciousness lies through muscle testing, you will go deeper in your own spiritual practice, gaining true ascension in your journey.

Everyone sins.  No one is truly perfect.  Everyone, at one point or another, will go against themselves in some way causing a negative result.

There have been some masters and avatars over the millennia that others have claimed to be perfect who caused great and positive change in the world.

These individuals were a pure benefit to the Earth.  This includes Bhagavan the Krishna, Jesus the Christ, The Buddha, and Mahavatar Babaji.  There have been others, but these few have been written about most extensively.

In the context of yoga:

  • sin = bad karma
  • virtue = good karma

Sins are generally spoken about in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  Buddhism and Hinduism use “karma” as their word to generally describe the past and present transgressions against themselves as the Higher Self or God.

In this blog post, I will talk about primarily about how karma or sin affects our lives directly. But I will also give you the keys to your own eternal salvation, breaking the chains permanently, and preventing future and seemingly random negative consequences from occurring.

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Everyone has bad karma no matter how big or small and we all have to do work to spiritually cleanse ourselves of the our past and present wrong-doings.

However, many people on the earth have accumulated a great deal of positive karma, leading to positive predisposition and reinforcement, propelling them to do the good work – the work of the Divine.

This may be you. You feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Always trying to save others from themselves, but always forgetting about yourself.

Well… I am here to tell you, that you have both good and bad karma in you. You have noticed this, haven’t you?

The good karma was gained through your good works, meditation and prayer on the Divine, right living, and a good positive mental attitude in BOTH this life and every other one you have ever lived.

This contributes to your ability to live the life you are currently living and to produce a more fruitful life in the future.

Your negative karma was from lying, cheating, stealing, abusing your body, saying unkind words, and most importantly, the thoughts you think!

Every repetitious action, no matter how good or bad, big or small, will accelerate the attractive process, leading towards a physical consequence in your world – whether good or bad.

Do you ever notice… that no matter how hard you work at something; someone else beats you to the punch or you end up falling short?

Or maybe some things come very easily to you.  Maybe you are extremely lucky, always have the right words to say, or can attract whatever money you need, when you need it.

We all have these predispositions, whether positive or negative, and they can either benefit or harm us. Some will propel you forward into great situations allowing you to succeed easily or some will provide challenge until breakdown.

The bottom line is… karma affects us all.

Past and present sin affects us all.

But what if you could live in a sin-free, karma-free world?  What would that look like?

Would it be a true utopian society, one where there is no danger, no violence, perfect kindness and understanding with unspoiled abundance for all?

Or would it be a place where people, no longer bound by their astrological tendencies, pursue a course of action, lifestyle, or career that truly serves them and the society around them?

I think the latter is more accurate.  The only true utopia is within. The real Kingdom of Heaven is cultivated within you by standing the test of time through trial and tribulation. Through this, karmic burn occurs.

As society progresses during this century and the next millennium, the spiritual consciousness of the entire world will increase monumentally.

You will begin to understand your true role in the world. This is to manifested individually the Divine nature; to experience Itself just for the sake of the experience.

The karma and sins we have collected need to be worked off, but only because we as the Divine (all of creation) want to get back to perfection.

This perfection is ultimately the burning of all our past garbage, baggage, and misdeeds.

Well, how do we do this?

I have provided a list of things, mentioned before in previous blog posts, but decided to collect it here for you in one easy place.


  1. Donate more of your time serving your family
  2. Donate more of your time serving your work and community
  3. Donate more of your time serving the less fortunate
  4. Donate more of your money towards serving your family, church, local community, and/or world community


  1. Set a time every morning and every evening where you just sit, pray, and meditate
  2. Find time in the middle of the day to just sit in silence
  3. Practice listening to your thoughts and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones
  4. Perform a pranayama breath-control technique like the Kriya


  1. Asking the Divine to help you perform Its will
  2. Have the courage to do think, say, act, and do the work you know is right

Good Works

In the Book of James of the Christian scripture, service is spoken as the greatest “work” that can be done in the name of the Divine.  In this case, the first four points are about “donating” your time or money towards a cause that is best suited for your situation.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then start donating your time first towards your family.  Then begin to branch out to those who are not within your immediate circle of family and close friends.  This includes co-workers and local community.

The next step would be to branch out to the global community. This could be done through doing work at your favorite church or spiritual community.  As these groups usually have events and other opportunities where you can donate your time to build, make, or organize something to help a group farmers or artisans from other parts of the world.

Silence is Key

For the next four points, silence is key no matter where you live and or what you do.  Silence is the way you will connect to the divine in your everyday life.  God can speak to us through the music of a church band, but more often and more completely through the silence and prayer after such intense devotion and worship.  This is the true time of communion.

Silence can occur in all kinds of forms.  If you are like me and you work in an environment where music is always playing, then you will need some sort of silence to break you away from “reality”.

In the morning and evening are best, because you can start and begin your day with true solitude.  Just you and the Creator.  During the day is more difficult, but it generally works better on a lunch break.

Also practice watching your thoughts. This is very crucial to burning karma because what you think, is what you become. In the silence, is where your greatest desires and greatest fears come to life. If you think negativity, then all you will attract is negative.  In this case, with negative thought processes, you will only attract more negative opportunities to create negative consequences. Positive, loving, joyful thoughts create the opposite.

Ultimately the fastest way to reach the highest peaks of self-realization is to practice a karma/sin-burning, breath-control, pranayama technique like the Kriya. I learned it through my guru’s organization, Self-Realization Fellowship.  But there are many groups out there that practice the kriya where you could learn it.  In the silence after performance of the kriya, many wonderful things can occur, but only with your dedication, can it be done.

Just let it all go

At the end of all this hard work, you might feel like a lot will happen all at once, allowing you to sky-rocket to self-realization without any struggle.  Believe me when I say that it does not work this way!

The only way that you can truly burn your karma and reach your goal is through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual release. You MUST be able to fully release your cares and worries to the Divine.  Without this surrender, the path is more arduous.  Will-power alone cannot help you.

So… in summary this is what you will need:

  • Hard work through will-power and determination
  • Silence through meditation, prayer, and yogic technique
  • Surrender to that which is higher than yourself

You don’t necessarily need to believe in a “god” to burn karma and become self-realized, but you do have to realize that this world is not random and that there is a purposeful drive behind the creation of the world.

Whether you are Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Jewish, or Islamic doesn’t matter.  It only matters where you are heart is.

Divine Blessings to you who embark on this path. I am here to help you guide, if you would like to comment, or you can send me an email at:


OM AUM Symbol

In the next blog post I will talk about Cosmic Consciousness.  Stay tuned because true self-realization lies here.


Featured Photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash


How do I Remove Karma?

As you continue to ascend in the Christ Consciousness, a few more levels remain.  These are described in detail in the 2nd ebook and print book in Chapter 12.

More importantly then the levels themselves, is the necessity of karmic burn.

What is Karma?

You learned in the blog post on The Meek and the Strong, that the Law of Karma was given by the Divine as a spiritual measuring stick, as a way to create checks and balances amongst our actions as conscious beings.

Those creatures who are driven by primal instinct, do not have a choice necessarily in the good or bad karma that they gain. That is what makes us different from lower animals and plants.

Karma can be gained from this life through your present actions or from past lives as humans or other beings on other planets in the universe.

The karma prevents our upward ascension from the deep, dark, underground cavern of the 1st Dimension. The dampness of karma weighs down our physical body, so that the soul is prevented from experiencing true, everlasting connection with the Divine.

Although you have a long way to go before being immersed fully and permanently in everlasting bliss consciousness, the removal of physical karma is extremely important!  Do not take this aspect lightly! This karma absolutely needs to be burned at the physical level before you can move on into the 2nd Dimension.

So then… How do I burn karma?

Here are some ways to help remove karma and activate easy ascension to the next level:

  1. Practice giving love all the time, no matter what. Love is an essential action that is performed to show our civility, our servility, and our humility to the Divine.
    • these are actions that we perform to “work” off our karma
    • “work” doesn’t need to be hard, but frequent and consistent
  2. Practice a soul-evolving pranayama or breath-control technique like the Kriya from Kriya yoga
  3. Ask the Divine to give you the keys to the kingdom – literally!
    • this includes prayer/meditation – everyday
    • constant devotion to the path of humility and service

Really, out of the 3 ways above, the fastest is through a breath-control technique like the Kriya.  It performs the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to spend multiple years and possible lifetimes to get to the highest goal.

The Kriya allows for prana or energy to be cycled in the spine, leading to physical changes in the body and brain. These physical aspects of the human condition need to be changed so that the body does not burn out, like an over-watted lightbulb during this spiritual transformation.

It can take a long time to remove your physical karma and even longer to remove emotional, mental, and spiritual karma, if done by prayer and service alone.

As for my own complete karmic burn, I began to feel very heated, as if I just went for a run.  I had been meditating that day, in the morning, for at least a couple of hours already and felt some shifting occurring.

At the third eye, great tension was being created, and my head began to feel a great lifting, as if I was a marionette on a string.

I felt lighter, but it was almost like I was floating. And then all of a sudden a huge rush of heat enveloped my whole body. I intensely began to feel great joy and love as the heat actually made me sweat a little!

I immediately thought, “Did I just burn up my karma?”  “Yes,” was the answer I immediately received from intuition first and muscle testing second.

At this point, I realized I had reached a great milestone in my journey to self-realization.

I thought I was going to go unconscious into a samadhi state, but instead I began to understand that this climb to enlightenment is truly a step-ladder process.

That was one of the first times I began to think that this was my divine dispensation in this lifetime. That I was supposed to elaborate upon these levels and provide a simple and yet effective path for the modern man to reach the highest levels of self-realization.

I doubted this notion often in the first 6 months of progressive ascension, but then realized without a doubt, that my child dreams of being a writer could actually amount to something great and meaningful!

Questions for you:

  • Do you have childhood dreams that are unfulfilled?
  • Do you wish you were living a different life?
  • Do feel a lack of satisfaction in your current work?

If this is the case, then meditation may be for you. To go deep into that meditative silence, into the Divine’s realm, is to discover who you are.

By discovering who you really are, all things will be uncovered about your true identity, and what role you are to play in the world.  By burning up your karma, you will gain greater insight into this role.

Maybe you are like me, you planned to be doctor, but really knew that you were supposed to writing – deep, down inside that is.

Or… maybe you are a car mechanic, you have a great knack for fixing things, and thought engineering would be for you, but education costs too much.

Or… maybe you are stuck in a 9-5 job, knowing that you could do it better as an entrepreneur, but lack the understanding or will power to get it done.

When there is a will to open yourself up to the Divine fully, wholly, and completely, the Divine will give you everything you have ever desired.

It is really that easy.

And… as you burn your karma, The Law of Attraction will respond more strongly to your desires, meaning that when you think a thought, it will manifest more strongly in your life.  This is because you will be no longer bound by your negative astrological tendencies.

I think we all need a good karmic cleaning.  The only way to do this is through your devotion, discipline, and dedication to the Divine in every way.

Are you ready?

See you next time, in the next dimension!


The Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness.

This is the Divine’s true love manifested as human. This is perfection manifested in physical form.  This is the soul expressing its perfect love through the medium of the body.

Once you can connect your soul to all of the Divine’s creation, feeling each living thing as a part of you, transcendence in Christ Consciousness will be easy and permanent.

There are some individuals that have always been here. You know them.  They are generally the sweetest and most loving people you have ever met.

My wife is one of these individuals…

marriage, angel, saint

I found this out through contact with the Divine one night in meditation.  It flashed in my mind that my wife (that I had just married a few months ago) had been Christ Conscious years before myself.  She had manifested the agape, selfless, and serving love of Jesus Christ. She had done this so well, in fact, that she was able to stay here permanently until she ascended higher through our marriage.

This initial LOC is the just the beginning to selfless love. Once you achieve this state, you will have to act accordingly and continue to be selfless, so that the consciousness of Jesus Christ becomes a part of you, so that you can be His hands and feet.

Through this consciousness you are renewed and blessed over and over again as you act courageously and selflessly through the Christ’s divine consciousness.

Although this a greatly enlightened state to become a part of, normal human beings with past life and present life karma can become a part of this LOC.

This may seem contradictory, because Jesus the Christ, was supremely enlightened.

So… how can you, being simply mortal, are able to achieve Christ-like stature? This is because Christ Consciousness is the just the beginning to being Christ-like.

For this reason, you do not need to be completely cleansed of karma before entering this state. You can have love and give love magnificently, but have no desire to become permanently ascended.  That is the basic necessity for this state!

However, those who really desire to become ascended will quickly pass up this state and climb the divine ladder.

I mean… didn’t Jesus say that you could be like him and do greater things than he?

The Gospel of John tells us:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”  ~ John 14:12 NASB

This Christ conscious state doesn’t just have a qualitative nature, it is in fact quantitative as well!

Measurement of Christ Consciousness

This LOC has 100 levels to it and is measured using a variable called CC1.  This value is very large!  It is actually bigger than a googolplex!

Googolplex is so big that it would take millions of years just to write down all the zeroes and it still wouldn’t be enough.

So how could the first value of CC1 be bigger than googolplex?

This is because googolplex is a physical number, right? The Christ Consciousness is transcendence past the physical plane into the connectedness and love of creation itself.

You are literally going past mere physicality itself… Remember, you are just a spirit having a human experience, not the other way around.

To measure creation and thus its creator, you have to go beyond physical counting and into the astral (energetic) and causal (ideational) realms.

Once you reach this state, diving down deep into love itself will be easy and normal.

To think that love could be normal.

To think that to have and to give love would be easy.

That is what being Christ Conscious is all about.

OM AUM Symbol

You are God’s child, you are all the Sons and Daughters of God.  BUT… you have yet to realize your true potential!  Know that you are SPIRIT and you shall become that which you are and have always been.

Are you feeling the Divine’s love now?  Do you feel the untamed possibilities of becoming one with Its universal SPIRIT?

Quick How-To for Ascension

A “How to” for quicker ascension into Christ Consciousness through loving creation:

  • Discover who you think is already Christ Conscious and do everything they do
  • Discover those individuals whom you love and give more to them
  • Discover those individuals whom you know need love and give more to them
  • Discover those individuals whom you absolutely dislike and struggle to give love to and love them more
  • Discover that all of creation includes all of these individuals above. They aren’t necessarily human, but could be plant or animal.

Giving love is the pure embodiment as described by the five love languages described by Gary Chapman.  Whether you:

  • give physical affection
  • perform a service
  • give a gift
  • spend some quality time or…
  • even say a word of encouragement

These are all ways to show love.  The more we do it, the easier it becomes, and more likely our ascension will be.

If all of the above isn’t working and or is difficult to do, then perform the sixth love language – pray for them. Some think it could be silence, tolerance, or approval, but I would venture to say that a physical action is required to bring about love that can change. Prayer is just the action needed.

Prayer is the single greatest thing you can do for anyone you are trying to love.  The Divine can always give them, what you cannot, and is happy to do so. Make sure to pray while you are deep in silence or meditation.  It is always stronger and more potent when you are focused.  AND… don’t forget to repeat it at least once per day.

There is also a seventh love language.  But the only way to provide this kind of love is through God-realization.  To realize God within yourself as pure bliss and pure love and then manifest that love in your body during very deep meditation as samadhi or otherwise, will instantly spread that love throughout creation to all beings.  This is the highest form of love.  To become one with SPIRIT through realization.

OM AUM Symbol

Ultimately, if you harbor any ill-will towards any of the Divine’s creation, the Christ Consciousness will be impossible for you to achieve.  Release your hatred, your frustration, and your lack of love now.  Ask your spirit guides, angelic guardians, the Holy Vibration, or whatever you call the Divine, to lead your love.

Just asking is merely enough.

Even if it doesn’t feel sincere, the Divine will hear it and reach out to you.  Expect it to come in some subtle way.  When God gets our attention first, more is provided.

May the blessings of the Divine be upon you,




Meditation Review

In my earliest blog posts, I talked about how to get started meditating.  I am going to review those items here today.

Meditation is the key to bringing about change in yourself that is beneficial, long-lasting, and ultimately permanent.

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After having such extraordinary spiritual experiences meditating in China, my sister asked me how she could get started in her meditation/prayer time.

I told her it is really quite simple.  It is so simple in fact that it will be hard to believe.

I told her this: (put up pictures with these)

  1. Find a space in your home where no one can disturb you.
  2. Get a very comfortable chair to sit on (with a pad if needed)
  3. Make sure you have as much as silence as possible!
  4. You can place your hands in a hand position called a mudra, but this isn’t necessary
  5. Focus at the third eye – point between the eyebrows and try to create as much tension there as possible
  6. If the mind wanders off in the one direction, bring it back to the breath and tension towards the third eye
  7. Voila! You are meditating!

By focusing on the breath and the third eye, the nature of stillness will be revealed to you allowing greater gains in the meditative time of silence. As this is the time when Divine speaks to us.

Meditating to the sound of a gong, wind chimes, or the ocean waves can be soothing, but will prevent you from going deeper.

Silence is your true teacher.  In the silence, the ego mind will try to take over through mental intimidation, but if you can willfully focus on the stillness of the body, then all thoughts will eventually cease.  It may take 20 minutes of sitting time to get the mind to quiet down, but once it comes it will be hard to let it go of.

Now, here is the trick…

This is where you can use the Law of Ascension.

Once you have gained even this small portion of inner peace and meditative stillness, attempt to keep it with you the whole day.

Do this by focusing all of your attention towards the third eye.  Just try to create as much tension as possible. The more that you can open this energetic area of the body, the more you will gain in permanent ascension.

Before you know it, you will be able to manifest it all the time.

If you can manifest third eye tension at any time, then you are well on your way to becoming a truly enlightened Minervan!

OM AUM Symbol

If you are a beginner meditator, there is hope for you!  As you advance along the spiritual path, keep whatever state you have gained in meditation throughout the day.  This is the Law of Ascension.

In the next post, I will focus on the consciousness of Jesus Christ.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Dr. Derek