The Beginning of Ascension

I hope you have had an opportunity to get started on the ebook that I just published!

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization is a real gem, one that only comes once in a lifetime. I am just glad that the Divine wanted me to bring it to the world.

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I - The Science

Sometimes you feel like you are meant for something great, well that is exactly how I felt.  I just knew that the Divine had a special plan for me.  I even told my mother when I was young…

“Mom, I just feel different from everyone else.” And she would say, “Well of course you are different!  Everyone is a little different from everyone else.  Everyone is special.”

Of course I knew this, even at a young age, but I knew I could never really explain it to her.  I knew I just had to keep living, doing the best job I could do, until the Divine delivered the role that would be played in the world.

Well.. If you still haven’t had the chance to read the first ebook, you can still get it here. Again let me know if you want it in a different file type, I can have that available to buy directly through my website here at

In the 2nd ebook, The Ascension, I talk about the various levels of consciousness, how they are experienced, and how they are numerically calculated.  It is not currently published, but will be in the next few months.

Essentially I go deeper into the metaphysical science of self-realization and enlightenment.

In the first ebook, I explained the hard, physical science involved in discovering the various levels of consciousness (LOC) leading up to self-realization.

Now in the second ebook, you will get a firsthand glance at how you can ascend from a mere conscious mortal to a divinely-enlightened man or woman of God.

The Ascension Book Cover

I start from the medical versions of consciousness and unconsciousness first. Then I explain all the LOCs from before superconsciousness up to cosmic consciousness.

Finally, I explain what happens after you become self-realized and you enter into the multidimensional realm of the angels.

However, this isn’t the end of the greatness that you will be able to experience in self-realization.

For there is so much more that will be revealed in the final ebook, The Summit. That ebook will be available at the end of the November 2016.

For now, get through the first ebook, read all the blog posts, follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more announcements, and just keep swimming!

~ Dr. Derek