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Ultimately that which is hidden needs to come to the light eventually. That being considered, this is a place where the truth is plainly shown. We want all hidden knowledge to come to light. This revelatory light will in turn lead others to pure peace, joy, hope, bliss, and perfection.

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We realize this sounds like a conundrum, but how can something deeply spiritual, be so rational, logical, provable, and measurable? That is exactly what Dr. Derek will explain in his guidebook to realizing your highest dreams.

In the end, bringing balance, inner peace, and endless bliss to the world is Dr. Derek’s goal. If by one person at a time it occurs, then it shall be.

However, the faster we evolve together as a family, community, nation, or world of peoples – the faster our ascension will increase allowing for the pure light of the Divine to shine through.

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