A New Year in 2017

This is truly a new year for new opportunities.

Whether you agree with the political environment of the United States currently or the global events that happened during 2016, we are in a new year. And that means more opportunities to evolve and get things back on track.

For me, numerologically, 2016 represented a year of materialism and big material challenges.

In 2016, I was in the 2nd year of a new job, making better money that I had ever in my entire life. This is great, but I was also challenged to start up a new business in blogging and book writing. Doing these things together is difficult, but worth it.

During 2016, I was also in my 3rd year of marriage.  Woohoo

The number “3” is a divine number representing the perfected masters and their divine effects on humankind.  This was a great thing, because it reflected that my marriage is still going strong and I think my wife and I love each other more than ever.

The numerological aspect of 2016 is the number “16.” The numbers together represent a time to ask the Divine to help with material worries.

In the new year of 2017, the number “17” shows me that 2016 was materially challenging, but now all my thoughts are in line perfectly with the divine.  AND to top it off, I will be 33 years old in the year of 2017 which is even more divinely providential because 3’s and 7’s are wonderful numbers to have together.  It means that this year will be both both masterful and heavenly provided. I am on the right path, so I should continue forward and continue to be grateful.

Gratitude is essential and something I don’t think about as often, but I noticed that as I was able to accumulate material things like a new phone, a bigger TV, a better disc player, etc.  During this accumulation, I began to become more aware and more gracious of the simple things.  This includes:

  • a hot shower on a cold windy day
  • a warm bed to sleep in every night
  • that my job was only 2-3 blocks away (riding my bike or walking is possible)
  • that we were able to take a vacation without breaking the bank
  • and so on…

These simple things were where gratitude was needed most.

Don’t get me wrong, those other material things are nice too, but too much focus on the material world can subjugate the spiritual fortress that has been built in your daily practice of divine adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication (ACTS). Supplication also being prayer and/or meditation.

What I want for people, is for them to see the value of this year. It is a time for new year resolutions, for new beginnings, and ultimately to move forward on new opportunities.

In this new year, I plan to publish my first print book EVER. That is quite exciting because then I will start to feel like an actual published author.  I don’t feel like the ebooks are enough for me.

I want to be able to hold my own personal creation in my own two hands. I need it to be tangible to show me that I have accomplished, what I perceived to be the impossible.

Well… hopefully in the next few months, I will have the book ready in print.  We will see!

Dr. Derek

intention, intuition, spirituality

Intention and Intuition

The other doctor that I currently work with and I were talking about intention.

If we intend to get a certain type of chiropractic manipulation done, then it will most likely happen in that way.  However, if we adjust at random (without focused intention), then the adjustment will turn out poorly.  This is of course the same with anything.

I made the comment that intention is really just our intuition in action.

I reasoned that our intuition is always present, always working, always attempting to send us signals from our Higher Self.  This Higher Self is the purest connection that is created between the soul and the Divine.

If we can stay tapped in and turned on to the signals that are being broadcasted from the great beyond, then we will be able to turn those intuitive thoughts into divine actions. Those divine actions are what can change a situation for the better or for the best!

All of us are Divine. All we need to do is discover that deep connection within ourselves.

The best way to start is to learn to meditate. Try to sit more and more in complete bodily stillness each and every day.  Keep the consciousness you gain from meditation with you throughout the day and you will grow abundantly stronger in your intuition.  Eventually the Divine will express Itself fully through you, allowing full access to your intuition at will for the benefit of yourself and others.

I like the sound of that. 🙂

~ Dr. Derek

Photo Courtesy: Federico Beccari Photography from Unsplash


The Heretical Gospels

Many people may not know it, but there is something like 170 books about Early Christianity and most mention Jesus Christ that have not been included in the testimony of this supremely enlightened man of God.

170 potential gospels!  That’s incredible!

Why weren’t they included?

Well… that is a difficult question to answer and will lead to just more confusion, disagreement, political and spiritual strife.

So instead, I am just going to give you a list of them here, where you can find them, AND in multiple translations too!

In later blogs I will include some interpretations of these gospels through the lens of eastern mysticism.

For now, let’s talk about what I have included in this blog post.  First I will show the contents of the Nag Hammadi Library, as these were a part of some of the most recent discoveries of early Christian writings.  Then I will show at least 10 other books, codices, and gospels that were not included in the original New Testament.

The Nag Hammadhi Library

The first set of 22 major gospels listed are from the Nag Hammadhi Library. They are listed by a “codex” or “codices”.  A codex is the original form a book took on before printing presses were invented. The codex actually started to replace scrolls between the 1st and 3rd century A.D.  This is probably why the Gnostic Gospels found at in the Nag Hammadi Library were still in good shape.

So… each of one these gospels were found in “codex” or a particular book.  Each gospel in the codex can be considered like an individual chapter in a book that you would get from a bookstore.

I will say this… not all of these gospels or “chapters” of each codex directly talk about Jesus Christ. Some are related to the creation stories of Gnosticism and their practices. Some of the included texts are by Greek philosophers that directly contributed to concepts used in early Christianity.

The gospels that are listed below come from the site: Gnosis.org and more specifically you can click on this link to check out the various Translations.  I will connect each gospel that has direct and significant relation to the story of Jesus Christ to where it is located on the Gnosis.org website.  Here is a link showing where the list is located: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhlalpha.html

NOT Underlined – very little or no references to Jesus the Christ
LINKED – some significant reference
LINKED & BOLDED – more significant reference
LINKED & BOLDED* (with ASTERISK) – Most significant reference

  1. Codex I (The Jung Codex)
  2. Codex II
  3. Codex III
  4. Codex IV
  5. Codex V
    • Eugnostos the Blessed
    • The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Paul
    • The (First) Apocalypse (Revelation) of James
    • The (Second) Apocalypse (Revelation) of James
    • The Apocalypse (Revelation) of Adam
  6. Codex VI
    • The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles
    • The Thunder, Perfect Mind
    • Authoritative Teaching
    • The Concept of Our Great Power
    • Plato, Republic 588A-589B
    • The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth
    • The Prayer of Thanksgiving
    • Asclepius 21-29
  7. Codex VII
  8. Codex VIII
  9. Codex IX
  10. Codex X
    • Marsanes
  11. Codex XI
  12. Codex XII
  13. Codex XIII

Other Important Books

  1. Gospel of Mary
  2. Gospel of Judas
  3. The Epistle of Barnabas
  4. Infancy Gospel of James
  5. Shepherd of Hermas
  6. 1 Clement
  7. Didache
  8. Third Letter to the Corinthians (included in the Acts of Paul)
  9. Q Gospel

The links included above are from a website called: earlychristianwritings.com. This is also another good resources and includes many summaries that aren’t included at Gnosis.org.

Also if you happen to be running Safari (like I am), then some of the websites may not show up properly.  It will be best to use Google Chrome in these cases.

If you really want to go crazy and see all books, treatises, and documents that were a part of early Christian thought, but were not included in the Christian bible we see today – by chronological order – then here is that link as well:  http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/index.html

Literally, in total, there are over 200 of these documents, but only 30 of them were included in the New Testament… hmmmm…

Well… that is how history played out.  I don’t think, however, that any document received on the testimony of Jesus Christ invalidates his position as a prophet and enlightened Son of God.  But some think he is the ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God vs. being “a” Son of God.  These phrases make a difference and shouldn’t just be taken at face value.  Again… most people take it on faith.  This isn’t a bad way to go, but to believe blindly without investigation, especially when new information is presented, isn’t necessarily a good thing either…

Some famous historical questions include:

  1. What if Jesus was really “physically” born to Mother Mary and not by immaculate conception?
  2. What if Mary Magdalene was really his wife?
  3. What is Jesus really did have a child with Mary?
  4. What if Jesus already knew what Judas was going to do and told him to do it?
  5. What if the early church try to hide important information on the nature and teachings of Jesus Christ?
  6. What if Jesus’s role was to simply show us how to improve ourselves, so that we may become Sons and Daughters of God?

I know, I know… these questions are a stretch!  They definitely challenge the status quo and ultimately some will feel offended at my words. I DON’T BLAME YOU.  In fact, I love you all the same! It is what sets us apart that makes us stronger.

Realize this, even if all the above were true… Jesus would still be there to save us from ourselves.  That was his role and will always be.

Thanks for reading,

~ Dr. Derek

A Sin-Free World

A Sin-Free World.

A Karma-Free World.

A True Utopia…

Call me idealistic, but I think it’s possible!  AND… with the ability to measure where your consciousness lies through muscle testing, you will go deeper in your own spiritual practice, gaining true ascension in your journey.

Everyone sins.  No one is truly perfect.  Everyone, at one point or another, will go against themselves in some way causing a negative result.

There have been some masters and avatars over the millennia that others have claimed to be perfect who caused great and positive change in the world.

These individuals were a pure benefit to the Earth.  This includes Bhagavan the Krishna, Jesus the Christ, The Buddha, and Mahavatar Babaji.  There have been others, but these few have been written about most extensively.

In the context of yoga:

  • sin = bad karma
  • virtue = good karma

Sins are generally spoken about in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  Buddhism and Hinduism use “karma” as their word to generally describe the past and present transgressions against themselves as the Higher Self or God.

In this blog post, I will talk about primarily about how karma or sin affects our lives directly. But I will also give you the keys to your own eternal salvation, breaking the chains permanently, and preventing future and seemingly random negative consequences from occurring.

OM AUM Symbol

Everyone has bad karma no matter how big or small and we all have to do work to spiritually cleanse ourselves of the our past and present wrong-doings.

However, many people on the earth have accumulated a great deal of positive karma, leading to positive predisposition and reinforcement, propelling them to do the good work – the work of the Divine.

This may be you. You feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Always trying to save others from themselves, but always forgetting about yourself.

Well… I am here to tell you, that you have both good and bad karma in you. You have noticed this, haven’t you?

The good karma was gained through your good works, meditation and prayer on the Divine, right living, and a good positive mental attitude in BOTH this life and every other one you have ever lived.

This contributes to your ability to live the life you are currently living and to produce a more fruitful life in the future.

Your negative karma was from lying, cheating, stealing, abusing your body, saying unkind words, and most importantly, the thoughts you think!

Every repetitious action, no matter how good or bad, big or small, will accelerate the attractive process, leading towards a physical consequence in your world – whether good or bad.

Do you ever notice… that no matter how hard you work at something; someone else beats you to the punch or you end up falling short?

Or maybe some things come very easily to you.  Maybe you are extremely lucky, always have the right words to say, or can attract whatever money you need, when you need it.

We all have these predispositions, whether positive or negative, and they can either benefit or harm us. Some will propel you forward into great situations allowing you to succeed easily or some will provide challenge until breakdown.

The bottom line is… karma affects us all.

Past and present sin affects us all.

But what if you could live in a sin-free, karma-free world?  What would that look like?

Would it be a true utopian society, one where there is no danger, no violence, perfect kindness and understanding with unspoiled abundance for all?

Or would it be a place where people, no longer bound by their astrological tendencies, pursue a course of action, lifestyle, or career that truly serves them and the society around them?

I think the latter is more accurate.  The only true utopia is within. The real Kingdom of Heaven is cultivated within you by standing the test of time through trial and tribulation. Through this, karmic burn occurs.

As society progresses during this century and the next millennium, the spiritual consciousness of the entire world will increase monumentally.

You will begin to understand your true role in the world. This is to manifested individually the Divine nature; to experience Itself just for the sake of the experience.

The karma and sins we have collected need to be worked off, but only because we as the Divine (all of creation) want to get back to perfection.

This perfection is ultimately the burning of all our past garbage, baggage, and misdeeds.

Well, how do we do this?

I have provided a list of things, mentioned before in previous blog posts, but decided to collect it here for you in one easy place.


  1. Donate more of your time serving your family
  2. Donate more of your time serving your work and community
  3. Donate more of your time serving the less fortunate
  4. Donate more of your money towards serving your family, church, local community, and/or world community


  1. Set a time every morning and every evening where you just sit, pray, and meditate
  2. Find time in the middle of the day to just sit in silence
  3. Practice listening to your thoughts and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones
  4. Perform a pranayama breath-control technique like the Kriya


  1. Asking the Divine to help you perform Its will
  2. Have the courage to do think, say, act, and do the work you know is right

Good Works

In the Book of James of the Christian scripture, service is spoken as the greatest “work” that can be done in the name of the Divine.  In this case, the first four points are about “donating” your time or money towards a cause that is best suited for your situation.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then start donating your time first towards your family.  Then begin to branch out to those who are not within your immediate circle of family and close friends.  This includes co-workers and local community.

The next step would be to branch out to the global community. This could be done through doing work at your favorite church or spiritual community.  As these groups usually have events and other opportunities where you can donate your time to build, make, or organize something to help a group farmers or artisans from other parts of the world.

Silence is Key

For the next four points, silence is key no matter where you live and or what you do.  Silence is the way you will connect to the divine in your everyday life.  God can speak to us through the music of a church band, but more often and more completely through the silence and prayer after such intense devotion and worship.  This is the true time of communion.

Silence can occur in all kinds of forms.  If you are like me and you work in an environment where music is always playing, then you will need some sort of silence to break you away from “reality”.

In the morning and evening are best, because you can start and begin your day with true solitude.  Just you and the Creator.  During the day is more difficult, but it generally works better on a lunch break.

Also practice watching your thoughts. This is very crucial to burning karma because what you think, is what you become. In the silence, is where your greatest desires and greatest fears come to life. If you think negativity, then all you will attract is negative.  In this case, with negative thought processes, you will only attract more negative opportunities to create negative consequences. Positive, loving, joyful thoughts create the opposite.

Ultimately the fastest way to reach the highest peaks of self-realization is to practice a karma/sin-burning, breath-control, pranayama technique like the Kriya. I learned it through my guru’s organization, Self-Realization Fellowship.  But there are many groups out there that practice the kriya where you could learn it.  In the silence after performance of the kriya, many wonderful things can occur, but only with your dedication, can it be done.

Just let it all go

At the end of all this hard work, you might feel like a lot will happen all at once, allowing you to sky-rocket to self-realization without any struggle.  Believe me when I say that it does not work this way!

The only way that you can truly burn your karma and reach your goal is through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual release. You MUST be able to fully release your cares and worries to the Divine.  Without this surrender, the path is more arduous.  Will-power alone cannot help you.

So… in summary this is what you will need:

  • Hard work through will-power and determination
  • Silence through meditation, prayer, and yogic technique
  • Surrender to that which is higher than yourself

You don’t necessarily need to believe in a “god” to burn karma and become self-realized, but you do have to realize that this world is not random and that there is a purposeful drive behind the creation of the world.

Whether you are Christian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Jewish, or Islamic doesn’t matter.  It only matters where you are heart is.

Divine Blessings to you who embark on this path. I am here to help you guide, if you would like to comment, or you can send me an email at:


OM AUM Symbol

In the next blog post I will talk about Cosmic Consciousness.  Stay tuned because true self-realization lies here.


Meditation Review

In my earliest blog posts, I talked about how to get started meditating.  I am going to review those items here today.

Meditation is the key to bringing about change in yourself that is beneficial, long-lasting, and ultimately permanent.

OM AUM Symbol

After having such extraordinary spiritual experiences meditating in China, my sister asked me how she could get started in her meditation/prayer time.

I told her it is really quite simple.  It is so simple in fact that it will be hard to believe.

I told her this: (put up pictures with these)

  1. Find a space in your home where no one can disturb you.
  2. Get a very comfortable chair to sit on (with a pad if needed)
  3. Make sure you have as much as silence as possible!
  4. You can place your hands in a hand position called a mudra, but this isn’t necessary
  5. Focus at the third eye – point between the eyebrows and try to create as much tension there as possible
  6. If the mind wanders off in the one direction, bring it back to the breath and tension towards the third eye
  7. Voila! You are meditating!

By focusing on the breath and the third eye, the nature of stillness will be revealed to you allowing greater gains in the meditative time of silence. As this is the time when Divine speaks to us.

Meditating to the sound of a gong, wind chimes, or the ocean waves can be soothing, but will prevent you from going deeper.

Silence is your true teacher.  In the silence, the ego mind will try to take over through mental intimidation, but if you can willfully focus on the stillness of the body, then all thoughts will eventually cease.  It may take 20 minutes of sitting time to get the mind to quiet down, but once it comes it will be hard to let it go of.

Now, here is the trick…

This is where you can use the Law of Ascension.

Once you have gained even this small portion of inner peace and meditative stillness, attempt to keep it with you the whole day.

Do this by focusing all of your attention towards the third eye.  Just try to create as much tension as possible. The more that you can open this energetic area of the body, the more you will gain in permanent ascension.

Before you know it, you will be able to manifest it all the time.

If you can manifest third eye tension at any time, then you are well on your way to becoming a truly enlightened Minervan!

OM AUM Symbol

If you are a beginner meditator, there is hope for you!  As you advance along the spiritual path, keep whatever state you have gained in meditation throughout the day.  This is the Law of Ascension.

In the next post, I will focus on the consciousness of Jesus Christ.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Dr. Derek


The Sexual Samadhi

Sex… Samadhi…?

Aren’t these two supposed to be separate from each other?

What if you could unite the greatest physical experience with the greatest spiritual experience?

Do you think this merger could ignite God’s fire within a person, allowing them to overcome an obstacle, achieve any goal, and become any type person they dream of?  Of course it could.

This is the future of mankind’s evolution on Earth… to merge two wonderful gifts of the creator.

Learn to fuse your basic, primal instinct with the highest, blissful nature of the Divine and the Kingdom of Heaven shall be yours.

OM AUM Symbol

If you know anything about samadhi, then you would think that physical sex is the direct opposite of this enlightened spiritual state.

But to understand the nature of a “sexual samadhi,” you must first understand what samadhi is in the first place.

Samadhi is considered by many spiritual teachers, gurus, and self-realized masters as the highest level of consciousness any one human being can achieve.

In the achievement of samadhi, the meditator or devotee, also achieves self-realization as well. Self-realization is also referred to as enlightenment or nirvana (Buddhism) and is considered the last stage of spiritual evolution that you could ever accomplish.

However, new insights into meditative yoga, have shown that samadhi could occur in many different types – just like self-realization.  It can be minor, major, astrally (energetically) perceived, or while being immersed in the sound of Om (AUM).

Samadhi is also considered an “ultimate stillness.” This stillness when coupled with out-of-body experiences becomes a transitional state to evolve the body and brain further to God-realization.

When ultimate stillness, out-of-body experiences, and pure, unadulterated joy become easily activated by choice, nirvikalpa samadhi is manifested.

In all these versions, the body can appear to be as still as stone, but inside the person is buzzing with blissful delight and unfathomable pleasure.

Now sometimes a person who is has been meditating for many years, can bring that “ultimate stillness,” out-of-body experience, or deep bliss into their daily life.  This could be at home with the wife and kids, at work, or even exercising!

It is hard to understand why I put an exclamation point at the end of the word “exercising,” but when you can manifest perfect, pure, unending, blissful joy at any time, even when you are exercising, you know you have achieved one of the highest forms of self-realization.


How is this samadhi thing associated with sex?

Well… you know, as well as I know, that sex should be the greatest physical, mental, and emotional experience that two people can have together, right?

Well… at its core sex is primal, but when sexual intercourse is made into a spiritual, life-giving process, it becomes a way to help evolve the body and brain to receive to receive higher, mystical experiences of the Divine.

Sex, for the sake of sex only becomes a sin, which negatively impact one’s karma leading to more and more future negative consequences and experiences.

If sex could be used between two people who are in a life-long committed relationship that is not only mentally, emotionally motivated, but spiritually inclined as well, then that session of love-making will drastically improve the connection those two partners have with each other.

Doesn’t it say in Genesis of the Christian bible that,

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” ~ Genesis 2:24

This idea of “one flesh” is to unite not only the physical pleasures of two people to each other, but also to unify their spiritual flesh (the soul).

In Proverbs of the Bible it says,

“Let your fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of your youth. As a loving hind and a graceful doe, let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love.” ~ Proverbs 5:18-19

Now the last verse was a little descriptive, but it shows that it is OK to indulge in one another. When we share in the body, mind, and spirit, this triune amalgamation allows for much greater gains in peace, joy, and bliss.  When the sexual action is performed with grace, love, devotion, surrender, and humility, even greater rewards are received.  These rewards are amplified when meditation is performed immediately after making love, using the techniques described in earlier blog posts.

OM AUM Symbol

Ultimately, if sex can be spiritually transformed, then more people would be self-realized much sooner. There would be more mutual ascension between partners.

A sexual samadhi is to join physical procreation with that of spiritual progression. This is to truly be both human and a Son/Daughter of God while in the physical body.

In this way, the spiritual evolution of the Earth could increase exponentially allow the Kingdom of Heaven to reign down into all hearts.

This concept is my new book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part II: The Ascension. I explain it there in more detail and more application.  When you get a chance, check it out. It is available now.


If you are not in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should go out, have sex, and attempt to create this relationship just because of its power.  Fortunately, it does not and will not work like that.

Instead pray that you might find a partner who has perfect soul unity with you.  This was recommended by my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, but it is exactly what I prayed to find my own partner Jessie. By doing so, it allowed me to enter into the highest of all spiritual experiences.

See you next time!

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization

Take a look inside my first ebook!

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I: The Science

This new book I have written is the heart and soul of my current spiritual reality and the future for people in this current era.

OM AUM Symbol

The world has come into a new age since the 1800’s.

Lahiri Mahasaya, a truly God-realized yogi, began to spread the message of Kriya yoga.

This is a type of yogic meditation that unites the body and brain to reach higher levels of consciousness (LOCs) leading to self-realization.

In self-realization, the unification of the Creator’s consciousness with your own consciousness leads to perfect awareness, perfect peace, and perfect bliss.

Can you imagine that?  Being able to tap into an unlimited source of energy that brings on wave after wave of blissful peace and happiness?

I couldn’t initially, but then I realized there was a way…

Paramahansa Yogananda, another yogi from India, spread the Kriya yoga message of liberating peace throughout the United States during the early 1900’s.  He was a direct disciple of Sri Yukteswar who was a direct disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya himself.

I discovered his teachings, practiced them relentlessly, until I achieved the unachievable… self-realization.

This book, Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization, is my journey into the spiritual unknowns of yoga, mysticism, and true religious unification.

The book starts off with my journey (Chapter 1) to the point where I discovered God-unity in the Divine’s Cosmic Consciousness. From there, my level of enlightenment skyrocketed into the spiritual realms of God-realization.

Inner peace and the true nature of bliss (Chapters 2 and 3) are then explained showing they are intertwined in our daily lives and in the life of a Minervan man or woman.

This Minervan man and woman (Chapter 4) are the individuals who are ascending in this current age or have already ascended to self-realization. This is your future and the people you care about.

Your destiny is to eventually reach self-realization in some form or another.  Whether that of a Minervan man, ascended master, or perfected master.

There are many Minervans who are celibate or married.  For some, their religion allows them to ascend in unity during prayer time and others allow them to ascend all on their own.

The Minervan man is our current present and future. In time, most beings on planet Earth will be ascended in self-realization. But this will take thousands of years to manifest.  We are now just in the beginning stages of this evolution.

In the next two chapters (5 and 6), self-realization and meditation will be expounded upon in great detail, showing how a meditative practice is the key to religious unification in the world through becoming self-realized. Further on in Chapter 7, yoga will be described briefly to describe its origins, how it is associated with meditation, and how it is utilized in this modern era.

In Chapter 8,  different views of samadhi will be described from the classical to the modern and finally to my own view in this current era.

Next, muscle testing (Chapter 9) will be explained as a direct, scientific method to determine your own level of consciousness.  It will also help you to decipher the length of time it will take to become self-realized, and how to accurately and easily use intuition for direct access to the Divine’s universal knowledge.

After all those great introductions, we get into the levels of consciousness associated with the process of self-realization.


In Chapter 10, I have created charts and diagrams to give visual representation to the various levels of consciousness. This chapter is best for those individuals who love lists and bullet points!

How does one evolve from mere Consciousness to Superconsciousness to Cosmic Consciousness on up to Divine Superconsciousness?

In Chapter 10, I will set it all straight for you.

From Chapters 11 to 16, written in precise detail, is the following:

  • Every single state of consciousness
  • Its significance in self-realization
  • Its numerical standing in ascension
  • AND… if some gurus had supported it

Below is each Chapter and the associated topics:

  • Chapter 11 – 1st Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 12 – Christ Consciousness and Beyond (1st Dimension)
  • Chapter 13 – 2nd Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 14 – 3rd Dimension LOCs
  • Chapter 15 – Multidimensional LOCs
  • Chapter 16 – Extradimensional (and Uni-A-Dimensional LOCs)

The chapters after this will include:

  • Chapter 17 – Summary of yogic powers
  • Chapter 18 – Summary of self-realization
  • Chapter 19 – A “How to” for meditation
  • Chapter 20 – Beginning to self-realization

Each of the major level/state of consciousness (LOCs) will are covered in future blog posts and emails if you signed up to our mailing list.

OM AUM Symbol

Meditation is the key to realizing our greatest dreams without having to work both materially and physically hard for them.

Devotion, Discipline, and Diligence are really the only things needed to realizing your successes.

The book is for you and for everyone else who dreams of a better life for themselves.  Knowing that this life is not all there is, the Divine will push you to realize more, so that you can become unified in the Creator’s vibrant consciousness.

Before the full print version of the book arrives, I have split up the book into three major sections.

These sections are published as ebooks through Amazon. Soon, the full book will be in print for your viewing pleasure!

The book is so meaty and full of intelligent, scientific, mathematical, and existential knowledge, that it was necessary to split up the content initially.

Here is the cover for the first book: Part I: The Science

Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization: Part I - The Science

Here is the 2nd book: Part II: The Ascension

The Ascension Book Cover

Finally the third ebook: Part III: The Summit

The Summit Book Cover

All three ebooks are currently available on Amazon.

Now… the chapter headings above may not exactly match up to what is in the ebook.  This is because I am updating the print book and a few things have changed.  Once the print book is finished, I will update the ebooks online and whomever has bought them, will get the updated versions as well (according to Amazon).

Check out my earlier blog posts to understand what Ascended Books is all about!   From there you can forge ahead and learn even more about what we are offering.

Be well,

Dr. Derek

Jesus Christ

Are We God?

What a statement to make!  What does that mean exactly??

When the question is asked, “Are We God?,” most of the time people go absolutely crazy and have already developed an opinion.

Opinions have a tendency to be very subjective and emotionally-based, so we are going to explain this question with different types of reasoning.  I will use both scientific and theological reasoning to bridge the gap between science-minded and religiously-minded people.

This is because BOTH ways of thinking are correct in their own way.

Now, an attempt at a cohesive explanation.

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Fiery Earth

The Meek and the Strong: 3 Spiritual Laws for Fast Success

The world is evolving at an incredible rate.

How do you keep up with it?

Do you let life past you by while the wealthy take over the world and big business clouds our judgment on the reality of things?  Or…

Can the meek really inherit the earth?

The physical laws of evolution have shown us time and time again that the strongest of the pack shall be king and reign supreme, while those that can’t keep up fall by the way side.

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Dark Planet

Will You Be a Part of a New World Order?

Something is coming…

Do you feel it?

No, it isn’t end-times or a zombie apocalypse….

It is a spiritual evolution – a divine uprising.

Mankind, as a whole, is beginning to acknowledge its true nature as Self.

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